Hello everyone! As always, after months of leaving this blog, I finally come back just to 'update' my life. Nasib tak mereput blog ni. AHAHAHAH. Anyway, mind me for using bahasa rojak in this post. I kinda felt like I was being too formal after all this time. So I want to write more casually after this. Hehe. Bare with me.

Let's just get straight to the point. Life update?

In my previous post, I was complaining about how I haven't even start my 2nd semester yet. Everything was being dragged and dragged. But here I am, in my 2nd year of medical school! HAHA. 3rd semester, basically. So yeah, I didn't update a single thing on this blog while I was in my 2nd semester. Why?

Well, basically, a few weeks after I published that post, after so many announcements from KPT and my university itself, we finally start our online class. Since everyone was trying to adapt with this new-norm life, our timetable was so damn unorganized at first. Not only the students were confused, but so were the lecturers! Haha. I would say it was hectic, at least that was what I thought before entering my 2nd year.

As I, myself, was also trying my best to adapt with this online-learning student life, I guess I didn't find any time to update this blog. Sigh.


Long story short, since the curve was kinda flattened around August-September, our faculty decided to have the final exams face-to-face. So yes, I did go back to college for like 2 weeks, just for the finals. Then of course, semester break! But it was only for 2 weeks as well, since we've been dragging a lot since April. Haha. Need to rush back on track!

Not only us, but every students (I guess) was supposed to be back in their universities and start our new semester. No more online classes! Back to physical classes, just with extra SOPs to follow.

But then, kita hanya mampu merancang .....

Boom. There comes the third wave. I'm not going to talk much about this, I believe that everyone knows already (#RakyatJagaRakyat #ytjt). Haha. So yeah, as predicted, everything's back online again. Welcome back into the ODL life!

My everyday view! My work space, from dusk 'till dawn gitu. The one that witnessed all my mental breakdowns due to ODL. Haha! Not any fancy or aesthetic, though. But I love my desk. Hehe.

Ohh anyway, yes I finally passed my 1st year! Alhamdulillah! I'm currently in my 3rd week of this new semester in 2nd year.  This time, everything is quite organized than previous semester, since everyone has already adapt with this ODL life. The schedule, the timing, everything; which is why I could spare some time writing this post.

HOWEVER, although I said this semester everything seems organized, obviously our syllabus is even more packed than last year. Since this is our last year in pre-clinicals, we have a research project to do and of course, Professional Exam 1. Ya Allah I'm so scared haha. It's basically a one huge exam that kinda covers everything we've learned for the past 2 years in medical school. The last exam in the pre-clinical years, before entering clinical years (3rd-5th year).

Well ...

That's basically it. My life update. OMG, I hope you guys are not bored of me talking about studies and only studies haha. I guess that's what my life is all about. HAHAHA.

Just kidding.

Of course I did other things as well. One of the things that I do a lot during this pandemic, from March until today, is online shopping. I swear it's so sickening, guys. Shopee is like a social media to me, I open it almost every day! HAHAHAH. I'd receive at least 5-10 parcels per month. It is such a bad habit, I know. I was actually thinking of sharing about some of my top favorite online purchases that I made during this whole pandemic. Oh I hope I'll have time to write that.

And that's that for this life update (again). I hope everyone is doing fine out there. Stay safe, as always! Remember, kita belum menang.

'Till then! <3