Yoooo. I'm back in KL! Home sweet home. I went to Ipoh for a while with my family. It was short, not that much but I feel like sharing some pictures. Hahah!

My mom had to attend a meeting in Ipoh for 3 days and 2 nights. She has been to lots of other places like Kelantan, Penang, Terengganu, Johor and many other states for meetings and conferences. She would always go alone since my dad is busy with his work as well.

Now that I'm free, she asked me to follow her and of course, I wanted to. I mean... of course I need a short escape from home as well. My mom don't want me to be lonely since she'll be at the meeting the whole day. So, my little brother decided to join us (he had to ponteng one day of school ugh).

We stayed at Weil Hotel, which is beside the mall called Ipoh Parade. They both are literally connected, I can go to the mall whenever I want without worrying about transport or anything. Best thing ever. Hahaha!

This 4-star hotel is nice. I'm not trying to write a review about this hotel or anything. I just feel like sharing some pictures. Everytime I stay in a hotel, the one thing that I will always look forward to is the breakfast. I love hotel breakfast SO MUCH. I will really eat as much as I could. Since we were there for 3 days & 2 nights, we had the breakfast twice. HERE ARE THE PICTURES (sorry this is my favourite part). Lol.

1st Breakfast

2nd Breakfast
After breakfast, we decided to explore the hotel by going to the rooftop. It was such a great view. The rooftop garden was nice. There is also an infinity pool, but we didn't swim. I used to enjoy swimming so much, but as my age increases, I just don't do swimming anymore. So, we went there just to take pictures. Hehe.

Anyway, the hotel room itself is amazing. The bed, the bathroom, the facilities, everything. One thing that I'd like to highlight is how they have their body wash, shampoo and conditioner in big bottles attached to the wall like this. And they smell so good comparing to other hotels' ones that I've been to. I mean, you know, commonly hotels have these stuffs in small bottles. Hahahah. Sorry, I know this sounds ridiculous, I just feel like I need to talk about it. Lol.

That's all I could say. I swear I don't know how to write hotel reviews. HAHAHAH. I also love the mall, Ipoh Parade. I didn't get to explore much, all I did there was eat and went straight back to the hotel. But, I love the fact that it has a lot of entertainments like cinema, bowling, karaoke and arcades. Not all malls have that much of entertainments under one roof!

Anyway, check out Weil Hotel by clicking here.

Last but not least, yes, we didn't actually explore the Ipoh town that much and spent most of our time just in the hotel and at the mall. Since my mom was busy with her meeting, that's all that we could do. Overall, I would love to come back to Ipoh and explore more. Soon, hopefully!