It's the 3rd week of my semester break! As I said in one of my previous posts, I legit spent my 1st week of holiday by sleeping and sleeping. I didn't even try to do anything else. I was... tired. Anyway, starting from the 2nd week, I'm back being a bit energized! That's why y'all are seeing me updating this blog. Lol.

I literally spend 99% of my time at home, which I know, sounds quite boring. Well, not gonna lie but I'm having fun! I'm doing lots of things that I couldn't do much while in my college. So today, I feel like sharing what I'm actually doing at home during this holiday.

I cook almost everyday lately. Still learning the basics of cooking but I'm really enjoying it. So far, I can cook some of the standard 'lauk' like masak kicap, masak merah, tomyam, kurma, sup, and any sambal. Also other basic stuffs like sayur campur, and simple desserts like jagung susu. Hahahah. A few days ago, I cooked kari ayam for the first time. It wasn't that hard! So far so good! Next on my list are asam pedas and masak lemak. Looking forward to learn more. Lol.

Some of my cookings. Hehe. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I didn't really have a proper planning for this post.

Another thing which I really enjoy. Brownies? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The latest thing I baked was basque burnt cheesecake! This type of cheesecake has become a trend lately, so I decided to make it myself. It was my first time baking it and omg, I swear it was the best thing I've ever made. Regular cheesecakes are quite tricky to make, but this one is just so easy, yet it is so freaking delicious. Please, YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY IT. Here is the recipe that I use.

Sorry for that one missing piece of the brownies. I just had to try them ASAP. That cheesecake? Yup, it is supposed to like that. It's a burnt cheesecake. And again, sorry for the not-so-good-looking pictures.

Gaining Some Side Income
Before entering degree, I started to gather all my unused (but in good condition) stuffs at home and sell them. Since I wasn't doing any part-time job like I used to after SPM, this was a way for me to gain some income. I'm using Carousell! I've been on Carousell for months. Now that I'm free, I get to continue my so-called pre-loved business. This of course does involve me going out of my house and go to PosLaju or to COD stuffs. I've gained quite a lot of side income by doing this. Alhamdulillah. Check out my pre-loved stuffs here.

Watching Movies
I've made a list of movies-to-watch ever since I was still in my 1st Semester. Now that I'm finally free, I watch movies almost everyday! One of them is To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, which I don't really like honestly. I'd give it 5/10, the first movie was definitely better. That's that. And of course, I also watched the Oscars-winning movie, Parasite. Omg, I swear it really deserves that Oscars, guys. The plot, the story-line and most importantly, the message from the movie is beyond amazing. Please watch it if you haven't. So mind-blowing.

Go watch it NOW guys.

Playing Games
The ones that I've played so far are CS:GO, PUBG Mobile and PAYDAY 2. Yeap, these are all shooting games. The newest one is... Clash of Clans, also known as COC. HAHAHAH. I know, sounds funny but it's fun. This game is not new and was trending years and years ago. I'm the one who's late. I also played Minecraft once in a while. Not trying to be a games guys, but legit, I enjoy it. One of my personal ways to spend my me-time, I guess. Period.

That's that. I know, not that much but really, these are what I do other than sleeping.

To be honest, I have another 2 things that I have planned to do this holiday but I still haven't done yet, which is watching a Korean drama and reading a novel. At least one drama and one novel I need to finish before my holiday ends, that's my target, which I'm 90% confident that I'm unable to accomplish them lol. I just get distracted with games a lot and I can literally play them for hours.

Image result for crash landing on you
My friends recommended me to watch Crash Landing On You, known as CLOY. I've seen people talking on Twitter about this drama multiple times already. Should I?

For the novel, I actually have plenty of novels that I haven't read. Both Malay and English. Still thinking which one to start with.

Oh and of course, I'm trying my best to update this blog as much as I could during this free time that I have. I do have a list of blog-posts-to-write. I have over 12 draft posts, just waiting for the right mood to fill them up. Wish me luck! Hahahah.

I still have more than 1 week to go. So... Any good suggestions? Maybe what to bake or cook? Any good movies or k-drama recommendations? Please let me know! 💗