Quarantine Thoughts

How's everyone doing? Happy quarantine, guys. Is it Day-9? I honestly can't even keep track of this since I've been spending most of my time at home even before all this Restricted Movement Order (RMO) or Movement Control Order (MCO) thingy.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was on my semester break for one whole month. Besides going to Ipoh for a few days, all I did was sleep, eat, play games, cook, bake and watching movies. Repeat, every single day for that one freaking month. Lol. Since I'm too broke to go out, I just love being at home.

But now... guess what? I, myself, can't even believe that I'm still at home now. This week, this particular week, is supposed to be the 1st week of my 2nd Semester in medical school. Seriously. I'm supposed to be at college now, but yup, it's not happening. At first, it was quite 'exciting' to have some kind of extended semester break, but to rethink of it, there are lots of cons as well.

I've been really preparing physically and mentally to start my student life again after this full one month of holiday. It was not that easy, trust me. Don't get me wrong, I love my life as a student, it's just, I'm so going to miss home and those moments of doing absolutely nothing. No stress, no pressure, nothing! Anyway, yeah, I'm not going back to my university any time soon. Not until this pandemic is over. My preparation was a waste, I guess? Hahahah.

At first, before all this quarantine phase, most of the universities in Malaysia have started to cancel all physical classes and lectures, also all programs and activities. For my university (UPM), initially, there was going to be online classes or "kuliah maya" to replace all the canceled classes. So technically, I'm still starting my 2nd Semester this week, but at home. I'm still going back to my student life this week, it's just that I can be in pyjamas while listening to my lectures! Lol.

However, when the government announced the RMO / MCO, the university had to cancel everything, including the online classes. Can you believe that? As I said before, there are pros and cons of this. Pros; additional 2 weeks of holiday for us, woohoo! Cons; lots of classes to be replaced soon, meaning that our schedule is going to be even more packed, hence, more stress! Aha!

Yay or nay?

Then, the university decided that normal classes will begin on the 6th of April. But now... I guess everyone's aware that the RMO has been extended until 14th April. Ya Allah. I knew it. I knew they're going to extend it. Seeing the number of COVID-19 patients increasing by hundreds every day just scares me.

It makes me overthink a lot about what's going to happen next to all of us. Not just the students, but all Malaysians. So far, my university haven't release any statements yet. Hence, I don't even know when exactly I need to back in college. So many 'what if' questions playing around in my head.

It was quite frustrating for me at first. I'm really worried about my studies.

Nevertheless, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe Allah is trying to show us something, maybe a lesson. Or maybe our planet just needs a break for a little while. Everything happens under Allah's plan, right? To all the COVID-19 patients out there, or anyone with a friend or relative that has been infected, please stay strong. May Allah bless you guys with better health.

Not to forget, shout out to all the front-liners out there who has been through a lot since the beginning. To all the doctors, nurses, volunteers, whoever you are, thank you so much for the sacrifice. May Allah protect all of you. May Allah reward you guys for all the good deeds.

The best thing that all of us can do now is just stay at home and pray. Stay at home, and pray. I know for some people, it's hard to not going out. I'm also getting super duper bored already, doing the same routine every single day. Still, this is the only way and the best that we could do to stop the spread of the virus. And also, don't forget to always sanitize your hand! Wear a mask if needed.


All in all, I pray that this COVID-19 Pandemic will be over soon. Not just for Malaysia, but the whole world. I heard that China is getting better day by day, which is good. Italy is not getting much better yet, sadly. Please don't stop praying for Malaysia and the world. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon, at least, before Ramadan. Aamiin inshaAllah.

💓 #StayAtHome #DudukRumah #KitaJagaKita 💓

First Time Trying MyeongDong Topokki!

I always love Korean food! The only legit Korean restaurents in Malaysia that I have tried before are Sopoong. By legit, I mean, like real authentic Korean food restaurant. I have tried other Korean restaurants like Kfry, Kyochon, and Chicken Plus, but those are like Korean chicken kind of restaurant, which is different. You get me?

Last week, I finally get to try another Korean restaurant which is MyeongDong Topokki! I've heard of it multiple times already, I also watched Syedot ASMR and Isaac Osman mukbang videos where they try the food from this restaurant (yes, I love wathing mukbangs and ASMRs). I was craving for it so bad.

How I Spent My Holiday Break

It's the 3rd week of my semester break! As I said in one of my previous posts, I legit spent my 1st week of holiday by sleeping and sleeping. I didn't even try to do anything else. I was... tired. Anyway, starting from the 2nd week, I'm back being a bit energized! That's why y'all are seeing me updating this blog. Lol.

Short Ipoh Trip

Yoooo. I'm back in KL! Home sweet home. I went to Ipoh for a while with my family. It was short, not that much but I feel like sharing some pictures. Hahah!

Semester Break Update!

Hewwo peeps. Yeap, I'm still alive. LOL. I hope everyone's doing fine. I guess it's too late already but I'm still going to say this so, happy new year everyone! It's 2020. Wow. And yes, it's March already! That is absolutely SO DAMN fast. It felt like 2019 was just yesterday. Am I the only one?

Anyway, as I mentioned in the post title above, yeap, I'm on my semester break! Finally! After almost 6 months, I survived my 1st Semester in medical school! Phew. I'm trying my best not to write a whole essay about it. But it was definitely hard. Of course.

As what everyone says, life gets harder and harder as your age increases. I always thought SPM was already so, so exhausting. I still remembered how struggled I was during SPM. God knows. But now while I'm in this medical degree, as I look back, SPM is really, really just the beginning.

Back to my 1st Semester in medical school journey. Of course, it is so much more harder. No more calculations (which I actually quite enjoy during high school and pre-uni) like Mathematics and Physics. It's just Biology and Chemistry. In fact, even more than just the basic Biology and Chemistry, which of course requires a lot of memorizing. Like, a lot.

Despite all of that, alhamdulillah, I enjoy it. I enjoy what I'm learning. It is what I'm interested in and  I believe, what I'm passionate about. I love it. I love learning about the human body. It can be so mind-blowing sometimes, and I love that. Alhamdulillah for everything.

During the study week, the struggle was real. Earlier during that week, I can still sleep at least 4 hours a day. Towards the end of the study week, as the exam week is getting closer and closer, I only slept 1 hour a day. Took quite a few panadols, and vomited in the morning before the exam. I'm really not that kind of person who vomits easily tho. I wasn't even like that during SPM and pre-uni. It was just too much that I just literally got to that point where I needed to vomit. Lol.

Anyway, if some of you guys don't know, for degrees like medical and dental degree, we don't have pointers. It is either pass or fail. Alhamdulillah, I passed my 1st Semester. Hard work paid off, definitely. I remembered calling my mom after the results were out, and I was crying like hell. My mom, who is a doctor herself, laughed at me and was like "Baru 1st sem. Belum final year, belum HO lagi!! Dah takyah nangis over sangat!!" HAHAHAHA. I mean, of course she was so happy for me as well since she knows how I struggled, she was just teasing me and reminding me that I have a long journey ahead.

Then I realized that, yes, it is just the 1st semester. I have another 9 semesters to go. Another 4 and a half years. Not only that, of course we medical graduates have to go through the housemanship phase, only then we will actually get the real licence as doctors. Yeap, loooooong way to go.

May Allah ease my journey. InshaAllah, aamiin.

Here's a picture of my whole batch, MD24 💓

Enough of that. Damn it, I shouldn't be talking about studies during semester break!! Hahahah. We have 1 month and this is the only time we can actually do everything else other than studying. I'm now on my 2 week of the break. Sorry for the late update. My 1st week was full of sleeping. I just, sleep. Since I was lack of sleep so badly during the last 2 weeks of the semester. So... yeah.

By the way, I know my blog is full of study-related posts. I'm so sorry if I bore you guys. I'm really trying my best to think of something else to talk about. Lol.

That's all for now. I will make sure my next post won't be a study-related one, okay! Hahahah. Till then, thank you for reading. See you when I see you!