HELLOOOOO EARTHLINGS. HAHAHAHAH. So, based on the title, I guess y'all already know what I'm going to talk about. Yes gang, I just finished my Foundation in Biological Science Programme at the University of Malaya. FINALLY. MERDEKA!!! No more Asasi.

Honestly, at one point I just can't believe that everything is over. It's mind-blowing how fast time flies. Those 10 months didn't actually feel like 10 months. The memories that had been created seems like this foundation programme was longer than that. I'm happy, but sad at the same time. I'm so glad to meet every single person I've known here. It's ridiculous how we all can be so attached to each other in less than a year.

PASUM wasn't that hard. It could be hard if you go through all of those ups and downs alone. But, when you have lovely people around you, giving you support and motivations, helping you whenever you are in need; trust me, everything is going to be alright. Especially when you are in KUAZ. I love and really, really enjoy my life in that college.

Another thing that shook me is the fact that my next step is Degree. SERIOUSLY?! I'm still missing my high school friends and now you're saying that I'll be entering the Degree life in like 5 months. Everything is going too fast. I'm scared. I'm not ready. Hm.

Anyway, I've submitted my UPU application. It was hard. I've had a rough time choosing what I actually want. Honestly, I've never had an actual clear view on what I want to be. I'm just going with the flow. In the end, I still manage to make a choice on what to apply, and I really hope it's not a wrong one. Whatever it is, semua yang jadi ada hikmah, kan? Only Allah knows what's best for me. I'm still praying that everything will go well. Insya'Allah, aamiin.

Okay, back to my foundation life. Lemme just briefly talk about what happened during this last, hectic semester in PASUM.

These pictures were taken on the last day of 2018 and the first day of 2019. They changed the year signboard right away after the new year's countdown. Exactly at 12AM. Lol!

It was a mix of feelings. I felt so relieved to finally end all the stress and war. I swear, this 2nd Semester is SO MUCH MORE packed than the first one. Since it wasn't just our 2nd Semester but also our final one (yep, foundations consist of 2 semesters only), we have so many programmes and events. And since I'm someone who loves to contribute and be a part of all of those kinds of things, I became even busier. That's why this blog couldn't be updated for a while. I'm seriously sorry.

The first thing I'm going to talk about is, of course, our volunteering programme. What else? We had our third and last, so-called the grandest one out of all our programmes. Feed The Need 3.0: Grand Finale. Not going to share many pictures, but finally, here's a picture of the main team. The backbone of all the volunteering programmes we had. The actual volunteering team of our college, which consist of 9 members. I'm so happy and proud to be one of them. I have to say that they're probably one of the best teams I've ever had. It was so fun working with them. Thank you for everything, teammates.

Then, we had this annual run for the foundation students, called Jogathon. The aim of this run is to collect funds to improve the facilities in PASUM. For this one, I didn't get to become an AJK since I missed the application due date (I'm quite glad that I didn't since I was already too freaking busy). So, I HAD TO RUN (well if you were an AJK, obviously you don't have to). But of course, I didn't actually run. I jogged and walked. More walking, of course. HAHAHA. Oops. Here's a picture of our morning, fresh faces BEFORE the run (you wouldn't want to see my face after the run lol).

Then, my class decided to play Secret Santa! FYI, in PASUM, the students are grouped based on their birthdays. So, the people in any particular class would likely have the same birth month. For my class, we're in the range between the end of May to the middle of June, and unfortunately, PASUM ends in April so we couldn't celebrate our birthdays together like every other class. By that, we had this early celebration Secret Santa party! It was so fun!

The girl on the left is my buddy, and I'm her secret Santa! I got her a sweater, a onesie and a plushie. The guy on the left is my secret Santa. Surprisingly, he got me a plushie, a necklace and a bracelet which I didn't expect. Hehe. Thank you, my lovely HE1.

Okay, moving on! Next, we have the biggest annual event for PASUM students, Majlis Anugerah Emas (MAE). The first and last dinner for us. It was held at PWTC with Royale as the main theme, and the hall was so damn huge. Fun fact, for this one, I was a part of the team! I became an AJK under Biro Multimedia & Teknikal. My team's job was to create some videos and to do some shootings.

MAE was a spectacular night. It is a night that all the students were waiting for, a night to remember. There were lots of food, prizes and awards. I didn't really get to follow the theme (I guess), a lot of people rent dresses online. I wanted to do so but since I'm quite short, most of the rentable dresses I wanted weren't suitable for me. So, I had to buy new ones. My outfit is from D'yana and my shawl is from SofeaRose.

Right after PASUM's biggest event, we have KUAZ's biggest event (I've explained the differences between KUAZ and PASUM before in one of my previous posts, here). It was Festival Ungku Aziz (FUAZ), followed by Majlis Anugerah Pendeta (MANDETA). FUAZ was basically a whole week full of competitions, shows, performances and so on. MANDETA is the final, closing night of FUAZ. It was filled with even more amazing performances, followed by awards and prizes. If you guys follow me on Instagram, y'all would probably aware of this since I spammed a lot of stories during the whole week.

Oh and, the teams under JKP KEMAS had to open up a booth each based on what we did for the past 2 semesters. The struggle was real. Building up this booth wasn't easy (since it was a last minute change of plans and ideas), but it was fun! Here's a picture of our Volunteer Team's booth.

Anyway, I enjoyed FUAZ so much. The performances were just fascinating. What I want to highlight is that our big team called KUAZCARES under JKP KEMAS (which consist of the Volunteering Team, Recycling Team and NBL Team) won 'Projek Terbaik' for this whole session. I'm SO PROUD to be a part of the team. All our hard work were paid off. Alhamdulillah.

Then ... here comes the last week of lecture. Our last week of going to PASUM. No more lectures, tutorials or labs after this. I didn't know what to feel back then. We all decided to cherish these last moments in PASUM together. We took a lot of pictures during this whole week, but here are some of them I would like to share.

Last few pictures of us wearing these lab coats. Lab classes were stressful but fun! Definitely going to miss those moments.

Last picture in our favourite Dewan Kuliah Utama (DKU). My lecture-mates, Ainnur and Naz. Thank you for keeping me company every day. I'm sorry I sleep in lectures sometimes. HAHAHAHA.

The first picture was legit taken in July 2018, during the beginning of the 1st Semester. It's our first ever class picture. Awkward. But then we decided to remake this picture (the second one) on the last day of lecture. Lol!

And finally, here comes the real struggle. One study week and 2 weeks of final exams. Alhamdulillah, everything went quite well! I really wanted to end all of these as soon as possible, but never wanted to leave PASUM. The memories and experiences I had here are just unbelievable. Although it wasn't an easy journey, I really enjoyed my life here. I'm so glad to be a part of PASUM. I'm so happy to get to meet all of these precious people in my life.

My amazing classmates, HE1. I've never become this close to all my classmates. We're like a big family. Anyway, thank you for choosing me as the class representative for this 2nd semester, lol. Thank you guys, for trusting me. I'm sorry if I've ever become too annoying or garang or something. You guys are the best and I definitely going to miss each one of you. Best class ever!

Mes Sweethearts! Here are the girls of HE1. We bond with each other very well, like sisters. My hella photogenic friends, like seriously, we have so many pictures together. My makcik-makcik bawang yang very kepoh! Thank you for everything, girls. Those days in classes became very wonderful because of you guys. I'm going to miss our loudness. I love you all so much.

My partner-in-crime, Ainnur. We were schoolmates + classmates back then, and since I didn't really know how to make new friends at first, I thought of her (lol). Shockingly, we became classmates again here! She's the one who stuck with me from the beginning of the orientation week of PASUM, until the end of everything. Thank you so much for being there through my ups and downs. My one and only twin! (we were born on the same day).

OMG. My lovely roommates, Mashi & Syu. The ones that I saw first every time I wake up and before I go to sleep. They're the crazy ones, the ones that listen to my daily stories and complaints. I'm sorry if I ever became too loud or something (my locker's door is like the most annoying one, lol). Thank you for waking me up every morning. Thank you for lending me your tutorials and for giving me some food. I love you guys 3000.

Naz. The one who helped me survived this 2nd semester. I really couldn't have done it without you. I owe you A LOT. Since I was so busy this semester, despite all those sleepless nights and stressful days, he was there. Thank you for teaching me every single thing that I've missed, for cheering me up whenever I felt down, and for being so caring towards me when I didn't even have time to take care of myself. Words couldn't describe how grateful I am to meet you in my life. Thank you, so much.

Last but not least, my ex-schoolmates. We all came from the same class in the same school. Again, I was bad at making new friends. So, they were the first few people to be there with me at the beginning of this foundation life. Zharif, the head boy of our school back then, then became the head of JKP KEMAS and KUAZCARES here. My big boss! Nazran, my buddy since we were 15, who is like my big, overprotective brother in PASUM. And of course, Ainnur! Thank you, guys. Will be missed.

Thank you for everything, PASUM and KUAZ. I will definitely miss all of you, although we were together for just 10 months. I love you all and I will never forget each and every single one of you. Thank you for your presence. Whatever degree course y'all going to pursue, I wish you guys BEST OF LUCK! Good luck in achieving your dreams. Till then, see you when I see you!

P.s: I legit cried when I was writing this post lol