I LOVE FOOD. FOOD IS LIFE. I literally don't even mind spending all my money on food. I would do some food hunting at least once a month, maybe? Seriously. This is exactly the reason why I become broke by the end of every single month and keep on gaining weight instead. My bad!

Bak kata pepatah, "bab makanan jangan berkira", eh?

Seafood dinner! Sweet & sour fish, kailan ikan masin, butter prawn, sotong goreng tepung and rice packed in the shape of a heart! Lol.

But of course, there are a few places that I would consider MY FAVOURITE SPOTS TO EAT! These are the places I think I would never get bored or feel sick of. These places have the food I will continuously crave for! And of course, from my point of view, they definitely worth the money.

Here you go, my top 5 favourite places to fill my hungry stomach! Nyum!

1. Sushi King
SUSHI can never go wrong. There are so many other sushi restaurants here in Malaysia but I've only tried Sushi King, hehe. I don't know why I'm not even bothered to try the others. Oh, I've tried Empire Sushi as well. Empire Sushi is more to like an express, take-away sushi store. What I love about Sushi King are not just the sushi, but the other menus as well! The bento box, oh my god, so freaking good. The sad thing is that I'm the only one who eats sushi in my family! So, I will either go with my friends or alone. Yes, this is like the only restaurant I wouldn't mind eating alone because ugh, I just can't resist sushi!

2. Jombali
Jombali has like the most varied menu I've ever seen. It's one of the restaurants I would take a bit longer time staring at the menu as there are so many choices that I sometimes just don't know what to eat! From Malay to Western, name it. Another thing is, although this restaurant is quite expensive, I think it's worth it because of the food portion. The portion is damn huge guys, legit. You will definitely walk out of the restaurant with a hella full stomach! One of my favourite things to order here is the Mac & Cheese. Very delicious, guys. Highly recommended!

3. Family Mart
Oh hell yeah, everyone knows this! It's quite famous here in Malaysia. Family Mart is a convenience store based in Japan. It's like their version of 7-Eleven. What's so special about this store is they sell Oden! Oden is a Japanese one-pot dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, fish balls, crab sticks, and fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured dashi broth or tom yum. I recommend everyone to give it a try! They're very rare and of course, tasty! Another thing that is very famous here is the Matcha Ice Cream. It's a must whenever I go to Family Mart. I love it so much!

4. IKEA Restaurant
Mentioning IKEA, you guys would probably be thinking of the meatballs, right? Yeap! Those Swedish Meatballs are very mouth-watering. What differs this meatball dish with others is that it is served with lingonberry jam! It might sound weird but trust me, they're such a perfect combination. Oh, there are many other choices of food too! You don't always have to eat the meatballs. The pasta, salad, fried chicken, and many more are so, so good! I've tried them and for me, all of IKEA's food is worth the long wait in line. The prices are quite affordable too!

5. Boat Noodle
Thai food! Who doesn't love them? Boat Noodle is popular because of the way they serve and the way we eat the noodles. They serve them in small bowls and we would stack them up once we finish eating! The noodles are tasty too, unique flavour all the way from Thailand. Other than the noodles, you guys should try the other dishes such as pad thai, which is also very good! I love pad thai, one of my favourite Thai food. Boat Noodle also sells streamed kaya buns. The buns are extremely soft, served with sweet kaya dip. MUST TRY.

There are a variety of other places to eat around here in our country, but those are my top 5 favourites! Do you guys know that Malaysia is the fattest country in Asia? Seriously! I'm quite shocked but at the same time not that shocked since it's pretty obvious how we have TOO MANY types of restaurants, selling different types of food from all around the world. Malaysia itself has lots of unique food, right?
What are your favourite spots to eat?
P.s. : Sorry for not having proper flat lay photos. My bad.

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