Hello everyoneee! Hello! Hello! Finally, an update from this blog! Hahah. I hope it's not going to be awkward or something, but I'm really excited to write today. I've been missing this blog so much!

As you can see on the title, I'm literally going to talk about my studies, lol. I've been missing in action from this blog since June, right? And that was because I started my student life again (after leaving high school) in that particular month. I had my laptop with me, I thought I would be able to at least update this blog with one or two posts. But y'all, trust me, I had a very hectic life right after I enter this program.

I'm currently taking Foundation in Biological Science in University of Malaya. Also known as, PASUM. It is a full-time Pre-University Program, and the duration is 2 semesters (10 months). UM's foundation program is one of the hardest ones in Malaysia. And yes, I have to admit that it is quite tough. The schedule is very packed, the learning process is also quite fast, and everyone there is very, very intelligent. SPM results means nothing anymore. Everyone is so good, the competition is so freaking high. Fun fact, highest rate of depression in UM is not even medical students, but PASUM students. Dammit.

Long story short, we started in June until November for this 1st Semester. And yes guys, that is why I'm back! I just finished our 1st Semester in PASUM, and I survived! Alhamdulillah. I have to admit that there were sooooo many challenges that I needed to face. I've been to that point where I feel so stressed, I feel like giving up. But alhamdulillah with all of the prayers and support I got, I've made it! Woohoo!

We, the foundation students, are placed in Kolej Ungku Aziz (KUAZ), the 11th College in University of Malaya. There's a total of 12 residential colleges. Despite all the stress I had in PASUM, I love and really enjoy my life in KUAZ. PASUM and KUAZ are two different things. We have to walk about 1.3km everyday to PASUM. PASUM is where we learn all those academic stuffs, while KUAZ is where we live and do all other co-curricular activities.

PASUM is not that bad. My lecturers are very kind. The food is damn nice (although they're a bit pricey). My classmates are great. What makes the students feeling extra stress is because of the tough system. Since UM is the 1st university in Malaysia and 87th in the world, of course they want to maintain the record, which makes it harder comparing to other foundation or matriculation programs. Other pre-uni programs might only have one examination each semester which we called finals. But here in PASUM, we have 3 exams in each semester. Quizzes and presentations every single week. The laboratory practical classes are quite hard too. Semester break? Only 1 week for us! 1 freaking week! Other pre-uni programs would have at least 3 weeks of semester break. Huhu. Whatever it is, with the packed schedule, it becomes a pretty hard challenge for all of us.

Life in KUAZ is so much fun and I will definitely miss the college once this foundation program ends. When I first started this new life, I was a bit homesick. I wanted to go home, I would cry. That first (orientation) week didn't went well for me. But as time pass by until now, I'm legit enjoying my life as a KUAZian! I love my roommates, they're amazing. I also have a few friends from my high school here. I started to join co-curricular activities where I made lots of new friends as well. My life becomes much better. The food is great too! And Wifi, oh hell yeah!

I'm holding 2 positions in my college. First, I'm a graphic designer under JTKD Multimedia for a club called JKP Akademik & Intelektual (ADIN) in the college. What do I do? I design stuffs for this club. Posters, shirts, banners, slides and others for any of the programs that they're helding. I love designing, but it could be tough when you're designing for someone else. Hehe, gaining some new experience here!

Next one, I'm the secretory for the college's volunteering team under the club JKP Kebajikan & Kemasyarakatan (KEMAS). We organize volunteering programs for the students. The program is called Feed The Need, where we will give free food for homeless people around Kuala Lumpur. It was great and I learned a lot. I learned that it is not that easy to actually organize an event from A to Z. Being a secretory is a lot of work, but with my good and helpful teammates I have, it becomes very fun.

There are so many other stories I want to share, but let's stop right here. Now, I'm just going to show you guys these pictures of some memorable moments I had throughout this 1st Semester as a foundation student. Overall, I'm very, very grateful for everything. Alhamdulillah. I'm very happy to get the chance to join PASUM. I'm living my life. It is all going to be worth it in the end.

Kayak-ing at UM's Tasik Varsiti! One of the activities that is a must for all UM students.

My awesome roommates, Syu & Mashi! The ones that would light up my day with their funny stories and stupid jokes.

 My class, HE1! Great people, featuring our Mentor Lecturer, Dr. Ungku Ferwani.

Throwback to our college's Merdeka Celebration this year! 

Girls of HE1! A bunch of crazy and loud makciks.

Throwback to when we joined Health Career 101 program held by UM's Faculty of Medicine. Damn goals!

Chemistry lab! Here's one of the best lab classes since we got to play with those molecule structures.

Actually, we can't use our phones in labs but oops! Physics lab; confusing as always, heheh.

Biology lab a.k.a. drawing class! All we do is draw, draw and draw. Tiring but fun!

Our first Feed The Need 1.0 program went very well. So proud of the volunteering team!

Thank you so much to all the people who has been with me throughout this hectic life as a foundation student. We survived! So proud of each one of them. Now, it's time for a holiday, although it is only for a while. I'm so going to make use of this hella short, 1 week semester break. Yay!
P.s. : I'm going to be doing a giveaway really soon, guys! A giveaway! Hehe. Please stay tuned!