My Ultimate After-SPM Plans

It's been a week since SPM is over. Damn, that's fast. Anyways, hey there! Weeeee, I'm so excited to write this post! I don't even know why tho. I've been planning these things ever since SPM haven't even begin. Honestly, I can't wait for SPM to be done but I'm sad to leave school. My high school years are the best and I going to miss it.

I'm sorry for not updating as soon as possible. I'm quite sick lately, and I've been sneezing ALL day long, and it hurts. No worries, I'll try my best to write an excellent post.

Whoops, let's get back to the main topic. So here are my after-school plans that I'm pretty excited to share with you guys! (Sorry if I sound annoying)

Getting a driving license
I've always wanted to drive. I've been dreaming of driving since like, last year (lol that's early). This is the first main thing I want to do after school. I've already contacted a teacher from IMKEDA and will be having the first class (which is the talk) in 2 weeks. My parents are excited too. They want me to drive so that I can send my little brothers to school instead of them (seriously). Hihi. I really want to start as soon as possible, but I'm going with one of my friends but she's currently in her hometown, so I need to wait until she gets back. Yall, I'm still pretty excited!

Getting a job
I want to gain my own money, and of course, new experiences! I was a bit late. I went job-hunting with my friend last Friday and yesterday. We went to like 5 nearby malls, and most of the shops are already full! As in, there are already way too many SPM leavers applied for jobs there. We were quite disappointed and regretted not going earlier. Last Friday, I only got to ask for 3 jobs and still haven't received any calls from them.

So, I went job-hunting again yesterday on Tuesday, and I got to apply another 8 jobs (seriously). Overall, I applied at 2 TGV Cinemas outlets, 2 Baskin Robbins outlets, 2 Boost Juice Bars outlets, 1 Tealive outlet, 2 cafes, and 2 boutiques. Banyak kan?! I know. Just in case tho. Y'all see how bad I need money? Why? Read the next one! Please pray for me, guys.

Upgrade my blog to the next level
Hell yeah! I've been planning this since months ago. I feel like I've already talked about his way too much, but here it goes again. First, I will get a domain. Then, I'll change my template! I've been aiming for a few templates on Etsy and can't wait to buy one! I love going to the website and search for beautiful templates. Sadly, I still haven't found one that perfectly suite my taste yet, and I might need to buy a customisation package too. It's a package where the owner of the shop will edit and customise the template according to my taste! It's something like that la. Hehe.

Click here; it's a list of the templates I love and recommend if you guys want to buy any! You can also browse through Pipdig, which also sells fantastic templates but they're quite pricey. Anyway, I've also created a proper blog schedule and will be applying it right after the first two things are done. Yayyy, can't wait to make all of these happen!

Starting an online business
I actually already have one, guys. I've registered to be a topup agent months ago. I'm not sure if you guys know about this, but it's pretty famous too. Basically, people can buy this thing we call 'topup' directly from me, and I'll transfer it to you in just a few seconds! No need to walk or drive, waste your time and petrol to go to a physical store to buy one. Of course, you still have to pay me. And by the way, here is my online shop on Instagram! It is not active yet, I'm sorry. Please wait, I'll launch it very soon!

I can also register new agents under my name, and of course, there are some benefits for me. For example, I will even get some profits from the sales of the agents under me! Although the income is not that much, it's an easy and straightforward way to start. I'm also planning to do some dropships to generate more revenue! But I'm still not sure about that yet. I will also do this thing where we call, if I'm not mistaken, online surveys. It is when we do some simple reviews online, and we will be paid for it! Weehoo!

Cook and bake more
I've made a promise to my mom that I will learn how to cook and bake more after SPM. I love baking, and I've done it so many times already, but I rarely prepare dishes. I did, just a few times tho, cooking simple meals like nasi goreng. The best meal I've ever cooked was Butter Milk Chicken, and I've only done it like twice. So, I want to learn more. My mom can cook a thousand dishes, her cooking is amazingly delicious. I mean, who doesn't like mom's cook right? I really want to learn more from her.

I also want to bake more, especially French Macaroons. Only God knows how much I hate baking them because I've failed so many times before. I've tried baking these beautiful cookies more than just a few times before, and I failed each time. Bakers would know how hard it is to make them, you have to follow every single step correctly. One mistake? Everything's ruined. Although I hate making them, I've never given up. I will keep on trying to bake these French Macaroons until I succeed! Hihi. Plus, shout out to @nanajerkk on Twitter, who share lots of great recipes for baking! Follow the thread now!

A vacation with my cliques
Yayyy! If you guys have ever been on my Instagram page, you might know who are my cliques. I posted lots of pictures of them. Their faces are all over my page. Muka sama je semua. We are a total of 7 girls including me. We've been planning a trip to Langkawi next year, before the SPM Results day. Buy why next year? Because we don't have money. HAHAHA, seriously. This is one of the reasons why I'm searching for a part-time job. We need to work for a month or two for the trip! I'm seriously excited! In 2015, after we had our PT3 exam, we went to Port Dickson. Last year, we went to Sunway Lagoon. And this year, Langkawi here we go! Insya'Allah, hehe.

I feel like I have many other plans, but these are the main ones for know. I'm currently waiting for a call from any of the jobs that I've applied. I'm scared that I won't get any, haih. Please pray for me. I will also start my driving class soon, I hope that I'll pass with flying colours! Hehe.

During these free weeks, I've been on my bed all day. I watched many movies! I wanted to start watching Korean dramas again, but I have a list of movies I want to watch. I do have a K-dramas-to-watch list, but I'm trying to finish my movies list first! Hehe. If you guys have any good movies and dramas for suggestions, please comment down below!

I really hope I didn't sound annoying or something in this post. I'm just overexcited, I guess. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy it! Will update more soon, stay tuned lovelies!

I'm Back! SPM is Over!

Hello everyone! Bet y'all don't remember me anymore.
Just kidding guys. It's me, Liyana. And I'm finally back! Weeehooooooo!

I can't believe my days of suffering is finally over. SPM has ended. Actually, it felt quite fast, I feel like the first day of the big exam was just yesterday tho. But seriously, time flies so quickly. I know I've said that too much, but I'm not kidding. I started the exam on Monday, 6th November 2017 and ended it on last Monday, 27th November 2017. Our first paper was Bahasa Melayu (obviously), and the last one was Chemistry.

Well, about the exam, overall I think it was okay. I'm happy with what I've done as I did my very best, but I'm quite worried about these two papers; English Paper 1 and Biology Paper 2.

English Paper 1; it's that paper where we have to write 2 essays. Have you guys ever had those days when you were so blurring? You feel like your brain was so slow? Basically, your mind was just, blank. Yeap and that hit me during that time when I was sitting for this paper. I hated myself so much. I couldn't think of any good ideas for my essays, my vocabulary skills were lacking that time. I was like "macam mana nak eja perkataan ni?" and like "apa perkataan ni in English doh?" for a few times. No, I'm not asking other candidates, I was asking myself.

This is also known as Writer's Block, and I had this during my English Paper 1. Overall, I'm not satisfied with what I've written. I feel like I've done way more better essays before, and this one wasn't the best that I've ever written. Ahhhh, I'm so sad. But for English Paper 2, where they test your grammar, comprehension, summary, novels, and others; alhamdulillah it was just fine. I hope that my answers for that paper could cover up the marks that I lost from the first paper. Lol. Aamiin, insya'Allah.

Biology Paper 2; this one, I can answer the questions, alhamdulillah. What I'm worried about is the way I've responded to them. We have section B, which are the essay questions. For these Science subjects, we can answer the essay questions in point form. My teachers always remind us, "mudahkanlah kerja pemeriksa tu, nanti korang pun mudah dapat markah". And by writing in point form, we are making the pemeriksa's work easier, by not having to read long-ass essays. I mean, it's not a language paper pun kan?

But for me, I rarely answer those essay questions in point form. For the previous exams, I've been answering those questions in the way of an essay, especially Biology. It's because this is a factual subject. For Chemistry and Physics, I've answered in point form once before, so it wasn't a new thing for me during SPM. But for Biology, my first time writing in point form / table form for the essay questions was during SPM. And that is why I'm worried. I'm afraid that I didn't write enough facts for certain questions. Whatever it was, I'm so scared because it was my first time answering Biology essay questions in point form. So yeah, I'm just praying for the best. 

For other subjects and papers, alhamdulillah everything went well, and I'm satisfied. I did my best. Now, it's time to just tawakkal. I'm hoping for the best, aamiin insya'Allah.

So, those are my rant about SPM, I guess? No worries, I've moved on. Dah tawakkal and reda. For all SPM 2017 leavers out there, don't ever stop praying although y'all have tawakkal. Pray for the pemeriksa, pray for their excellent health. Pray so that they mark our papers in peace, without any mistakes. Pray so that they would give us good marks. Just, don't ever stop praying for the best although the exam is already over, okay?

Congrats to all my batchmates out there who have successfully finished their SPM. We survived guys! Yay! FREEDOM! I've never been this happy, seriously. I have a list of things to do after SPM, and I will share them with you guys in my next post. So, stay tuned!

And of course, I'm so happy to be back here on the blog. I really, really miss my blog so much, and I can't wait to upgrade it to the next level. I've mentioned about this before too, right? So yeah, stay tuned for more updates and upgrades from me and my blog! Yay!

Ahh, it feels so good to be back. Actually, I finished my exams last Monday. But I only write a post now because I've been sleeping all day as I didn't get enough sleep at all during my suffering days. Just, trying to get rid of my eyebags, you know.

I will write more! In my next post, I'll talk about what I'm planning to do now since my high school life is over. I'm super-duper excited! Hehe. Till then, stay tuned!

Hiatus - Road to SPM!

Hey, long time no see?! Yes, it's me, Liyana. Finally, an update from me. I'm writing again, maybe for the last time in a few months. Anyone misses me? Bet no one did. Hehe. I miss blogging so much! Anyways, I'm really sorry for those who have been waiting for an update from me, well here's a post for all of you. I feel sorry for leaving without any words. So I decided to write this.

Before I start, let's talk about this beautiful month we called Ramadhan. Time flies very fast, it's already been two weeks of fasting, right? I just want to wish happy fasting for all Muslims out there. May we get to use all the incredible opportunities Allah SWT give to us in this month full of blessings. Let's gain more good deeds! Appreciate this Ramadhan as if it is the last Ramadhan for us. Salam Ramadhan! ✨

Alright so,
I know I've been gone again. Of course, I will state the same god damn reason, which is SPM. This is my busiest year ever yet. It's currently school holiday for 2 weeks, but trust me, these weeks doesn't even feel like school holiday. I have classes every single weekday. All my teachers and tutors held extra classes to finish the syllabus as SPM Trial is just around the corner. Even it is currently school holiday, I'm still super busy. Not mentioning all my homework that I'm still trying to finish. We even have an assignment for Additional Mathematics, which is crazy.

And obviously, I miss blogging. Not only blogging, I just miss my computer badly. Blogging, watching Korean Dramas, playing The Sims, and others. I rarely touch my computer now. Ahhh, even when I'm writing this post, I could feel my love for blogging and how I really miss it. One of my dreams is to be a successful blogger, I want to pour out my heart and soul for this blog. Oh, how I wish I have enough time for all or those. And of course, I miss reading you guys' blogs so much!

Let's get straight to the point. I'm here to officially announce that I will be on hiatus for a few months. As I said, I feel bad for leaving my blog just like that. So here it is, a goodbye post. Nah, just kidding. No worries everyone, I'm not leaving forever! I really love this blog. Blogging is a big part of my life. But for now, I feel like focusing on my studies first.

I will be gone for awhile. SPM is getting closer and closer, and I'm starting to feel more and more scared. I feel like crying every single time I think about this matter. So, I've created many schedules to prepare myself for the exam. And by that, I decided to be on hiatus for a few months until SPM is over. I have a dream, a big target for this exam. My parents and family members are hoping for me to pass with flying colours. And me, myself, want to score in this exam.

I will be back, guys. I promise, insya'Allah. For my stream, we will be starting on November 6th until November 27th, which is almost one month. So, I will be back around this December, okay? I have many plans to do after SPM is over, including renewing my blog. Insya'Allah, I will come back with my own domain, a new template, a new style of posting/writing, and others. Ahhhh, can't wait for that! Hehe.

Overall, that's that. To all my readers and other bloggers out there, who will be taking any kind of exams, I wish you all the best! Break a leg, okay? And guys, pray for me. Wish me best of luck for this upcoming SPM. May Nur Liyana binti Jasmi score straight, 9As in SPM 2017! Insya'Allah, aamin. Hehe, I'm trying my very best. May Allah ease everything.

Thank you for reading and supporting me and my blog. I hope everyone understands, and please wait for me guys! I will be back, okay? Insya'Allah 😊

Till then, see you guys in 6 months! 💓

Unboxing A Mystery Box from Eyqa

Hey there! Alhamdulillah, I got to update again as it is currently Chinese New Year school holiday! Although I still have tonnes of homework to do and an upcoming English oral test next week, I feel like writing instead. The problems I've stated in my previous post are not done yet, but whatever it is, I'm not leaving my blog yet. So here I am, writing a post that I've procrastinated to do it for a very long time.

This is a post that I've promised someone to write one, which is Eyqa. Although she had changed her blog name, you might know her as DEWI. Without her, this post will not even exist. Before I start, I would like to give big thanks to Eyqa for giving me this amazing box! If you've ever been to my second blog, you might notice that I've joined a contest held by her at the end of last year, which is a Mystery Box Giveaway!

Alhamdulillah, I won the giveaway! Thank you so much for picking me as the winner, Eyqa. And I'm very sorry for being very late on posting this unboxing post. I had received the box weeks ago, and the pictures here were all taken on the day I got it. This post has been in my drafts for some time, so yayyy finally I got to publish it! So, without further do, let's see what's in the very mysterious box!

It is wrapped in this adorable polka-dot gift wrapper. The box inside is a shining silver box!
"Happy unboxing Liyana Jasmi! Sincerely, Eyqa of Dewi"
I'm already happy when I received the box, Yayyy, let's dig in!

There is a total of 6 items in the mystery box! I swear everything in it are amazing. Plus, Eyqa left a cute pinky note on each one of them! Let's got through them!

The first thing I grabbed from the mysterious box was this very cute strawberry keychain. I'm currently using this on my home keys!
"DEWI was originally named with ICHIGO. It's meant strawberry & I can't move on from the fruit."

The next thing in the box is this eye mask! I swear it is so cute. There's actually a little mouth between both of the eyes, behind the pink note. I have used this a few times already, hehe.
"For you to sleep well at night!"
Awwwwww, I did!

Next, a notebook! Fun fact, I love notebooks. I used to collect lots of notebooks because I love to write so much. I have a friend who gives notebooks as my birthday present every year!
"Do not limit your imagination."
Seems like Eyqa knows me well!

I couldn't find the pink note for this one but heyyy, a mask! I don't usually wear masks; I did only for a few times. But I must say that I'm pretty excited for this one! I haven't tried it out yet because I love it too much that I still want to keep it (feel me? lol). No worries, I will definitely use it as soon as possible! And if it's good then I'm so going to buy more of it hehe.

Omg, Eyqa gave me the first ever novel by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella entitled Girl Online! Gosh, I wish I could read this like right now, but my mum only lets me read SPM related book (seriously). She would be mad if she knew I still read novels because she knows that I might abandon my studies. Lol,  just kidding. But ayyy, I'm so freaking excited to read this!
"A book about blog! So you'll remember how we met! :D"
Awwwww, of course, I will!

Last but not least, a black and pink shirt by Manuk Tarabang! This shirt fits me perfectly. The words written on it are " Bebeh #SUMANDAKSABAH" with the brand logo. Another fun fact, I love to collect shirts too! Especially jerseys. So, yayyy for another shirt to add to my collection!
"Best selling cloth from one & only Manuk Tarabang."

Those are all 6 gifts Eyqa sent to me in the mystery box. Thank you so much for these prizes! I didn't expect to get these much items from you, hehe. Plus, they're all amazing! I love and appreciate every single one of the gifts, and I'm so excited to use them soon and more! It's very kind of you to give away these gifts to people, Eyqa. And not forgetting all the pink notes you've left for me! I still keep all of them, tho. Hehehe.

Now I feel like doing giveaways like this too, where I give mysterious prizes to random blogger! Isn't that awesome? Hehe, maybe after SPM? Insya'Allah.

It was a great unboxing experience as it was a mystery box. I was very curious to see what's inside! So, that's that for today. Now, I need to finish up my homework and get my oral test script done. I'll be back with more great post and stories!

My Current Blogging Problems

AHHHH, I can't believe I've left my blog again when it's only the fourth week of 2017. It's not even a month of school yet, and I've already felt the tiredness and how busy I am. This is going to be just a quick post, or maybe a ranting post. I'm trying my best to update as fast as I can as I'm currently writing this at 12 AM and I have school tomorrow.

I know I've been gone for a while and first of all, I'm truly sorry. I have a few reasons, and here I am, trying to explain to you guys one by one. I'm telling this so that if I ever went missing again, here's why, I guess? Gosh, I'm not even sure what's going to happen next but here are the reasons why;

Blogger stressed me out
Warning: This is a rant.
Please know that I was so freaking frustrated when I was writing this post. I didn't plan to write this one at first. But guess what happened? I was actually writing another post before this, and I thought it was saved as Blogger usually automatically save our the post throughout our writing process, right? After I've finished my last words, I saved and closed the editing post tab and went for a quick blog walk from my reading list.

When I came back to the editing section of the post I wrote previously, guess what? Everything was GONE. All the words and images in the post were NOT SAVED. I WAS SO HELLA FRUSTRATED. I've sacrificed a lot of my study time just to update my blog, and this freaking Blogger didn't save my content that I've written for hours! Believe me, I was so mad that I went into my room, shut the door and screamed. I was so stressed, guys. It has only been a few 18 days of school, and it already stressed me out, and Blogger just made everything became worst. I want to cry. This tragedy really made me lost my blogging mood for a whole week.

Tonnes of homework
Dude, seriously. Homework is slowly killing me. I mean, yes it's normal for us as SPM candidates to have lots of homework, but because of them and my tuition classes, I end up not having enough time to do things I like that I usually do. For instance, blogging. Again, I know it's totally normal, but this is one of the reasons why I've been gone for awhile. Just saying.

Tuition classes every day
I used to only have tuition classes 3 days a week, and all of them are after 8 PM. Well, sadly, this year I started to have tuition classes 5 goddamn days a week, and 3 of them are in the evening, after 4 PM. I've never thought I would have tuition classes in the evening, but honestly, it's my own decision. Of course, SPM purpose. I'm trying to find the best classes for me that I think could really help me for the upcoming big exam this year, so this is the result. 5 days of tuition classes a week? Yeap. #roadtospm2k17

So many activities
Other than tuition classes and homework, of course, I do have cocurricular activities too. I'm now in my senior year and other than focusing on curricular stuff, we also have to gain cocurricular marks too. Plus, I have a few positions in my clubs and uniforms, so I just have to attend. It's like a compulsory. Also, I still play a sport for my school which is softball. Which literally means I have training and practices to attend. I've been at school on Saturdays lately, too. There are just so many school activities that are making me a bit busy now.

No internet access
This is like, my current biggest problem ever. It has not been even a month yet that I've moved to a new house. And currently, we still have no Wifi. The UniFi team or something, or should I say, Telekom Malaysia, is having a few problems with our house area. They said something like "oh the port there is already full lah, you have to wait for another one" blah blah blah which I don't really understand, but basically we can't use UniFi anymore (or, yet) and we might have to take internet access from another service like Maxis, Streamyx, YES or others. But whatever it is, it's hard for me to go online especially on my computer because of this. For now, I'm using my mum's personal hotspot. Overall, it's very hard not to have internet access. Not only blogging, but I also can't even search for points for my upcoming oral test. AHHHH.

Tired as hell
Overall, I'm just tired. As you guys have read all of the above, you can tell how packed my schedule is and how tired I would be. It's not even February yet, and I'm already tired. Lol, I swear I need more motivations. But no worries, I'm still trying to cope with these things, and I believe that insya'Allah, I will be okay with this kind of schedule soon. Just need some time to bear with it, you know.

I really wish I could often update although many of you would like me to focus on SPM. Yes, of course, I'm focusing, but at the same time, I don't want to abandon my blog. I need to settle my biggest problem first which is the no internet problem. Once I have the internet access in my house, I will update more.

Mainly, my life as a student is kind of blocking a little bit of my blogging life. Please, wish me luck for this year. Again, I'm very sorry for not updating, but I will definitely come back whenever I get a chance like this again. Insya'Allah, hehe. Till then, I'll be back soon!

Hello 2017: New Years Resolutions

It's 2017! Yay or nay? I don't really feel anything. All I think about was my new room and my senior year in high school. As you know, I just moved in, and I finally got a new room! My theme is purplish pink with dark brown furniture. Once my room is 100% done, I'll do a room tour post. Insya'Allah, hehe.

How did you celebrate this New Year? Am I the only one who didn't do anything? The only thing I do was watching fireworks from my room's window. My family and I were too tired to even celebrate it. Even on this last day of school holiday, I believe that everyone else is busy preparing for school, and here I am, still unpacking my things. Pray for me.

I can't even believe that I'm a Form 5 student now. My heart aches every time I think about it. I still feel like I was just in Form 2 (Form 2 is the best for me), and now I'll be sitting for SPM in 10 months. Time is flying too freaking fast! And honestly, I'm not ready for school at all. I'm too busy to even prepare for it. I need help. Plus, I have tuition class tonight. Ahhh, I swear I'm not in the mood!

Okay, Liyana, stop it. I'm getting too far. Let's continue about 2017. Actually, I wanted to publish this post yesterday on the first day of this year, but I haven't got any time. Now, I finally get to sit in front of my computer and run my fingers on this keyboard. I've been thinking about my new year's resolutions, so I decided to share them with you guys!

Be extra hardworking
Of course, as an SPM candidate this year, I have to be more and more hardworking. Alhamdulillah, my Form 4 year results was more than enough and I'm very grateful. Now, I have to maintain and also improve my study skills to be better each day. My parents are hoping for me to get good results, and I want to make them proud. Study smart, dear self! #roadtospm2k17

Get organised
As I've mentioned before, I regretted not using a planner and wanted to start using one this year. I've bought one at Popular, it's a daily planner. I've already started using it and so far so good! I also have a Bullet Journal. I don't know how to explain this, but it's basically like a DIY planner + journal. I've been watching videos on YouTube about bujo, and I wanted to give it a try. I hope I'll be very organised now! Hehe.

Become tidier
I've finally had a new, own room, so I have to be tidier. I used to have a not-so-tidy room as it was also my dad's home office at first. It's not even an actual room. That's why I'm so damn happy when I got a new one. So, of course, I'm going to keep it clean and clear! I've designed the room, and I don't want to ruin it.

Facing my fears
I'm a scaredy cat. I don't like horror movies, haunted houses, and anything related to ghosts. I'm ashamed of myself, to be honest. When I went to Sunway Lagoon with my friends last year, I was the only one who was terrified to go into the haunted house. All my friends were excited about it except me. I hate myself for being like that. I want to overcome my fears this year!

Stop procrastinating
This is my same new year's resolution each year. I procrastinate a lot, and I know I have to change myself as this is also a part of keeping myself organised and hard working. I'm not going to talk much about this as I've already had a specific post about it, click here to read it!

Save money
I get pocket money for school every school day, so I did save some money last year. But it didn't work out that well as in the end, I'd always use them. I have so many things to buy and food to taste, even my mum always counsel me to stop being wasteful. So, this year, I'm really going to save some money. And I may create a bank account and asked my mum to keep the card for me. Lol, I don't know. Whatever it is, I'm saving extra money this year as I have things to buy for my blog too!

Read more
I have many books that I haven't finish or even start reading, so I have to read more. Not only novels but textbooks and revision books as well. It's sad to leave books unread, right? I feel bad every time I look at those unread books on my shelf, so I'll try to read more this year.

Reduce my time on TV, computer and social media
This is going to be hard as they're my source of entertainment, but I'll try my best to spend less time on the TV, computer and social media. To focus on my studies, I have to do this. I don't know how I'm going to achieve this but wish me luck! Goodbye, Korean dramas. Lol, just kidding. I'm still going to watch them, maybe one or two. Hehe.

Blog more and more
Although I'm avoiding to be too much on my computer, I still want to be active in blogging. Blogging is my passion, and I don't want to leave my blog again like what I did back then. I'm still going to update my blog at least once a week, insya'Allah. I'll try to stay active; I'm only going to be on hiatus for maybe 2 to 3 months before SPM.

Eat healthier and be more active
During this whole month of school holiday, I eat a lot. I don't have many things to do except for being in front of my computer this holiday. By that, I'd eat, be online, and sleep. Pretty much. I haven't weight myself yet, but I can feel my weight increasing. I'm so going to eat healthily and keep my body active by going for a jog or something. Lol.

Learn to bake and cook
I love baking so much. In my family, my mum would do the cooking, and I'd do the baking. This is one of my hobbies. It's not like I'll bake often or something, I know you guys will be like "focus on your SPM pls". Well, this is my activity after SPM! After my school life is over, I've planned with my mum to have fun in the kitchen. I'll learn to cook and bake more delicious food. Yay!

Teach myself to be grateful
This is also my every year new year's resolution. I'm very grateful for everything I went through in 2016. All the ups and downs, twist and turns, and thick and thin. I'm hoping for a better 2017, With more happiness and less stress. I'll teach myself to be more patience, grateful, and positive! Cheers for 2017!

I have so much more resolutions but here are all the ones that I'm very looking forward too. Overall, my primary goal is to study hard and study smart for SPM. This is my last year in highschool, and I'm so going to do my best. Wish me luck for SPM 2017, guys! Hehe, thank you.

I hope all of you had a great new year. Now, let's get ourselves together and accomplish our goals and resolutions this year! Let 2016 sink in and rock our 2017. Whatever you're doing, I wish you guys a year full of happiness and blessings!

What are your new year's resolutions?
Happy New Year, guys!