Lately, I've been in such a lousy atmosphere, I'm in the mood to stay in bed for 10 years. I felt tired and exhausted all the time. For now, I'm pretty sure I've spent 50% of my time during this school holiday with sleep. I don't really go anywhere, I've only been to my school and tuition centre for extra classes and SPM workshops. Due to my awful mood, I don't feel like doing anything. Am I that lifeless?

All I know is that I will be going to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale tomorrow! Last week, I pledged to Stop Buying, Start Reading on their website. For every 100 pledges, they will choose 10 lucky people to win the Preview Passes. Alhamdulillah, I'm one of them! The pass admits 2 adults, and it allows us to go to the sale one day earlier before the actual event starts. How exciting is that?

Okay, back to the main topic. I genuinely don't feel like updating at all, and I hate myself for being like that. Another thing I do other than sleeping all along this school holiday is being in front of my computer. Most of the time, I would be on the blog, of course. But recently, I can do any other blog-related things but not write. I feel very bad as I know that I need to update my blog. Just for some reason, I feel so unmotivated these days.

I really want to update every day during this school holiday as I know that I won't be able to update much next year because of SPM, but my current blogging mood is just very dreadful. And here I am, forcing myself to write a 'when I don't feel like writing' post. I guess that's the best post to do in this kind of emotion, right? Here we go.

#1 Update old blog posts
Instead of updating my blog with a new post, I'd update my old blog posts. I haven't got any chance to reformat my previous entries yet since I changed my template more than a month ago. I have to resize the images, change the font and others. I literally laughed at myself when I was editing those posts as my writing was so ridiculous back then.

#2 Find new stock photos
I always love looking and admiring beautiful pictures. Whenever I don't want to write, I would explore some of my favourite stock photos websites and find great images to download to use them in my future posts. The sites that I use the most are PikWizard, Kaboompics, Unsplash and Stock Up. You can read more about this here.

#3 Go through my reading list
This is a way for me to fight my laziness. Going through new posts from the blogs that I followed makes me feel sorry about my blog that I haven't update. I would feel like "gosh, they all have updated their blog and here I am, eating sandwiches while staring at this goddamn computer screen without doing anything" and eventually, I would start writing, just like at this moment when I was typing this post.

#4 Spice up my blog
I think I've mentioned this in one of my posts before, but other than writing, I also enjoy editing my blog. I would find anything to add or change about my blog to improve and make it better. For instance, today, I just added a new CSS for emojis in the comment section! So now, all those boring symbols emoticons have been changed to actual emojis! Check out my past posts' comments or just comment down below with a regular emoticon to see the emojis! You can see the tutorial here. It is as easy as 123!

#5 Plan for my upcoming posts
Sometimes, a few blog post ideas came to my mind, but I just don't have enough energy or desire to start it. Therefore, I would list down all my thoughts in the Notes app on my phone. Not only the main topic, even if I have some subtopics ideas, I would put all of them in a list so that I won't forget anything. Whenever my blogging mood is back, I will definitely refer back to the list.

Hence, these are all the blog-related activities that I do whenever I don't feel like writing a new post. I hope this post had given you some ideas on what to do when you're in this unpleasant mood. I believe that every blogger must have been through this, when you want to blog, but at the same time, you don't want to.

What do you do when you don't want to write?