It's November! I'm so happy yet so nervous. My mom's birthday is in 2 days. I have lots of plans for the upcoming school holiday; I'll be making a separate post about that. I'm also going to be moving house soon! I'm so excited to have my own, self-decorated room finally.

Then why am I nervous? I'm still waiting for my final exam results, and I'm seriously going to be a senior next year. Time just flies so damn fast, and I can't believe 2016 is ending in  2 months from now.

Whatever it is, happy new month!

And, for my blog ... as you guys can see, I changed my template! Yay!

I've been looking and surveying templates on Etsy for a while. There are lots of beautiful templates and I want to buy one, but my mom won't let me spend money just for my blog. So, I decided to join Erin Azmir's template giveaway and alhamdulillah, I won!

My previous template was Rosemary by ThemeXpose. I used it for not even a month until I switched to this one. This is the Brooklyn Blogger Template by SandyTheme. It's a pre-made responsive template and very easy to edit, way easier than free versions of the responsive template.

I'm not done editing yet; there are still a few changes I need to make. Overall, I'm so happy and excited! Having a new template makes me want to blog even more. I can't wait to blog my heart out during this school holiday! Huge thanks to Erin for giving away this template :)

By the way, I'll be having a short vacation with my friends today. Just for two days and one night. I will update about our trip as soon as I got home tomorrow, insya'Allah.
Every new month is like a fresh piece of paper, and only you decide what will be written on it. Wishing you all the best!