November is coming to an end; time is flying too fast. I feel like I just wrote a post welcoming this new month a few days ago. Now here we are, three days left before the last month in 2016 comes. And then time will continue flying even faster, 2017 is really around the corner. Whatever it is, school holiday has just started!

Guess what? I still have school. Yeap, I have extra classes for Biology on this week's Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our Biology teacher wants to start teaching Form 5 topics tomorrow because she's afraid that we won't be able to finish all the chapters on time next year, so she wanted to do some extra classes. Even for Additional Mathematics, we've already finished one chapter of the Form 5 topics. We started learning it after our final exam was over a few weeks ago.

I don't know if you guys have noticed this, but this year's school holiday started quite late than usual. We generally will start our school holiday in the middle of November, but not this year. It's almost December already, and we had just begun our holidays, which makes us having a shorter holiday season this year? Plus, I heard that we're starting next year's school season on the first week of 2017, which makes the holidays even shorter. Nevermind, I'll just enjoy as much as I can!

By that, I have lots of plans for this year's school holiday, and I'm pretty excited to share with all of you!

#1 Moving House
I think I've mentioned this before in one of my posts, but I'm going to be moving house soon! We're supposed to move out in this month, but a few problems came, so we didn't. I'm quite sad as I've missed an opportunity to represent my state, Selangor for the National Open Softball Championship Under 16 because of this. The tournament starts next week, which I thought would be the week that I'm going to be moving out, so I told my coach that I couldn't make it for the game. Suddenly, my family had to delay our moving house date, and here I am, being quite jealous of my other teammates who are at Batu Pahat, Johor right now for the competition. Whatever, I'm still excited to move in the new house! Insya'Allah, very soon in December.

#2 Watch Korean Dramas
What else could it be? I just finished watching Healer two days ago, and it was incredible. Best Korean drama I've ever watched yet. I swear Ji Chang Wook has stolen my freaking heart! I don't usually fangirl over the cast this much. The last time I fell for the actor was Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs, the first k-drama I've ever watched. After that, I only freaked out about how cute the main couple is. Then here comes Healer, where I'm just so heart-eyes over Ji Chang Wook.

Image result for ji chang wook and yoona

Because of him, I'm currently watching The K2 and so far it was all right, but I prefer Healer. The K2 is too much of political stuff which makes it kind of boring for me. But I still love the drama because of how handsome at her as I heard that she has natural beauty with no plastic surgery! Overall, I still enjoy watching The K2. Here are the dramas that I'm going to watch during this school holiday;
• Oh My Venus
• Legend of The Blue Sea
• Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
• Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
• Entourage
• First Kiss for The Seventh Time
• W - Two Worlds

#3 Blogging
For sure, I want to blog my heart out! I still and will always love blogging, insya'Allah. To be honest, I'm afraid that I will be stuck with Korean dramas and abandon my blog. Once I start watching those dramas, I won't even bother to open any other tabs. But hey, I'm trying my best! Like right now, I promised myself not to continue watching The K2 until I finish writing this post. I'm still doing good! I have lots of plans for my blog, and I've also listed all the posts that I'm going to make soon. I'm extremely excited to share more stuff with all of you soon! I believe that every blogger has their dreams and goals for their blog. For now, I'm trying my best to improve my blogging skills and to write better contents. Wish me luck and of course, good luck to all of you too!

#4 Designing My New Room
As I said, I'll be moving house soon which means ... I'm going to have a new room! Yay! I can't wait to design my room. I've listed all the things that I want to get in my room and even drew a picture of how I want them to be set up. I've been surveying things at Lazada and Ikea. Yayyy, once I moved, I'd spend every day designing and building up my room until I'm fully satisfied and happy with it. I've always wanted to design my room by myself. Should I do a room tour post? It would be fun!

#5 Free SPM Workshops
I thought I would take a month of rest this December, but nope, my tuition centre has a month full of free workshops for next year's UPSR, PT3 and SPM candidates. Yes, they are free! If you're living in the Klang Valey area, you must have heard of The Maths Clinic. I've been going there since last year, and I love it! The teachers are excellent and fun to learn with. Plus, Alhamdulillah, my results is getting better too for these past two years. If you're living in KL or Selangor area, don't hesitate to try and learn at The Maths Clinic! The free workshops are open to any students who are taking big exams next year.

#6 Reading and Shopping Books
I have quite a lot of Malay and English novels, and I do have a few that I haven't read yet. I'm waiting for the perfect time to start reading them, which is of course, now! I'm aiming to finish them all before the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2016 starts. I did a post about it when I went to the book sale last year; it was such a heaven! The discounts and the choices of books are crazy! This year's BBW Book Sale is starting in 2 weeks, from 9th December until 19th December. They're open for 254 hours straight. You can even go book shopping there at 3 o'clock in the morning! Ahhh I badly want to go!

Of course, I have lots of other plans for this school holiday, and I can't wait to make them happen. I'm pretty sure each one of you has your plans too, right? I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and whatever you're planning to do, make sure you'd have fun! Happy Holiday, everyone!

What are your plans for this school holiday?