I want to update my blog, but I swear I don't feel like writing a regular, niche kind of post. I just want to talk. I always have random thoughts or things that I want to share with you guys, but they're just too random. I've been reading lists of blog post ideas, and none of them suits my writing mood right now. So, let's just do some random talking, shall we?

I have a heap of things I want to talk about, mostly are about my personal life. I mean, updating about what's going on in your life currently isn't wrong right?

#1 Giveaways! - It's been years since the last time I've sponsored giveaways. I love sponsoring giveaways because I don't know how to hold one myself. I did my own giveaway once in 2013 but I still prefer sponsoring. So currently, I'm sponsoring two giveaways by CikPurple and Mellya! Go check them out and don't forget to join, there are lots of interesting prizes to win!
- November Giveaway by CP (ongoing)
- End Year Mini Giveaway by Mellya & Friends (ongoing)

#2 Updated my Tumblr Theme - I was scrolling through my Blogger dashboard, and I got so damn bored. I don't feel like writing or even blogwalking, so I decided to go to my other blog which is on Tumblr! I haven't been on Tumblr for a few months, so I decided to change my template. I searched for minimalist Tumblr templates, and I found one by Zen Themes. It's not that perfect, but I love how simple it is. Check out my Tumblr blog HERE!

#3 Current Favourite Songs - I really want to share these songs with you guys! I'm so addicted to these songs right now that I play this playlist at least 3 times a day! Please listen to them if you're free. These are the songs that have been on my favourite playlist currently;
 When We Were Young - Adele
Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5
• 24K Magic - Bruno Mars
• Runnin' - Pharrell
• Starving - Hailee Steinfeld
• Side To Side - Ariana Grande (ft. Nicki Minaj)
• Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

#4 Marvel's Doctor Strange - I was thinking of doing a separate post about this, like a movie review or something. But then I'm just not good at reviewing things ... too bad. So I'll just talk about this film here. Yes, I watched Marvel's Doctor Strange two weeks ago. It was okay, kind of nonsense. I love Marvel Movies so much, and I couldn't even miss one. So far, this is the ridiculous one that I've ever watched after Guardians of the Galaxy. Don't get me wrong; I still enjoyed it! Overall, I gave it 7.5/10. The ratings are 8/10 IMDb, 90% Rotten Tomatoes and 4/5 Common Sense Media.

#5 I still have school? - The SPM is currently ongoing; the other forms get lots of school holidays. The form 4 students only have two days of school per week for this month. Some of my classmates have already started their school holidays. Me? I still go to school. The whole class was just playing. We played Uno Cards, Tumblin' Monkeys and Saidina. I mean, it's not that bad. At least we get to play with our friends and bring our handphones. Maybe staying home is better, but I just feel like going to school. Weird? Probably.

#6 My Final Exam results - Okay, to be honest, I still go to school mainly because I want to get my final exam results. I know, we can obviously check our results online at the SAPS website, but I want to get the papers. I want to study my mistakes and ask teachers about them (and maybe getting extra marks for the correct points that the teachers have accidently missed). Alhamdulillah, I did achieve my target for each subject (except for English because of the Writer's Block I had during the exam, I've talked about it here). So far, I'm satisfied with my results. There are three papers left that we haven't got. So, I guess I'm still going to school next week then?

#7 Going on a vacation! - As I said, I will only have school on Monday and Wednesday every week in this month, so my mom decided to bring me (and my brothers) on holiday! My brothers still have school every weekday, but I don't want to be alone, so my mom agreed to let them join. This holiday is mainly because of my mom who's having lots of meetings and press conferences at hotels lately, so she wants us to company her at the hotel. We're going to Port Dickson and Kuantan! Yayyyy! I'll be back in KL on Sunday.

#8 Craving for sushi - Who doesn't like sushi? I mean, of course, some people don't. For me, sushi is life. I loved sushi so much that I even planned to get a part-time job at Sushi King after SPM next year. I had sushi like only two weeks ago, but I just can't get enough of it! Believe me or not, I even listed all the sushi names that I want to get at Sushi King with the actual prices. Aaahh this is just because of the time of the month I guess, I'm just craving too much!

These are just my random thoughts that I want to share with you guys. I enjoy writing this kind of post! Maybe I should do some kind of series of posts like this? Where I just talk about random things that are happening in life. Would it be interesting?

Do share some random thoughts you have in the comment section down below!