I use lots of stock photos on my blog. If you read this page, I did mention top 3 websites where I get stock photos from. I got them from lots of sites, and I would like to share them with you guys!

Using stock photos is a great way to spice up your blog. The stock photos from these websites are free to download. A few of these websites require you to sign up. Don't worry, they are easy to use and download!

StockSnap.io    PikWizard    Unsplash  •  MMT    Pexels    Stock Up  •  iStock  •  PicJumbo    Pixabay    Makerbook

How do I use them?
There is a search bar on most of these websites. If I want to find pictures for my blog post, I will search something linked to it. For example, this post. This post is related to photos and images, right? So, I will search something like 'camera' or 'photography'. I'll choose one or two and download them. Then, I'll add them to my blog post! If the website does not have any search bar, there are tags where you can look up to.

+  Please read the license of each website before using the photos!

There are lots of other stock photos websites out there, and these are just my top 10. I hope this post would be useful for you guys! Do check these sites out, their photos are phenomenal!