My Plans for the School Holiday

November is coming to an end; time is flying too fast. I feel like I just wrote a post welcoming this new month a few days ago. Now here we are, three days left before the last month in 2016 comes. And then time will continue flying even faster, 2017 is really around the corner. Whatever it is, school holiday has just started!

Guess what? I still have school. Yeap, I have extra classes for Biology on this week's Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our Biology teacher wants to start teaching Form 5 topics tomorrow because she's afraid that we won't be able to finish all the chapters on time next year, so she wanted to do some extra classes. Even for Additional Mathematics, we've already finished one chapter of the Form 5 topics. We started learning it after our final exam was over a few weeks ago.

I don't know if you guys have noticed this, but this year's school holiday started quite late than usual. We generally will start our school holiday in the middle of November, but not this year. It's almost December already, and we had just begun our holidays, which makes us having a shorter holiday season this year? Plus, I heard that we're starting next year's school season on the first week of 2017, which makes the holidays even shorter. Nevermind, I'll just enjoy as much as I can!

By that, I have lots of plans for this year's school holiday, and I'm pretty excited to share with all of you!

#1 Moving House
I think I've mentioned this before in one of my posts, but I'm going to be moving house soon! We're supposed to move out in this month, but a few problems came, so we didn't. I'm quite sad as I've missed an opportunity to represent my state, Selangor for the National Open Softball Championship Under 16 because of this. The tournament starts next week, which I thought would be the week that I'm going to be moving out, so I told my coach that I couldn't make it for the game. Suddenly, my family had to delay our moving house date, and here I am, being quite jealous of my other teammates who are at Batu Pahat, Johor right now for the competition. Whatever, I'm still excited to move in the new house! Insya'Allah, very soon in December.

#2 Watch Korean Dramas
What else could it be? I just finished watching Healer two days ago, and it was incredible. Best Korean drama I've ever watched yet. I swear Ji Chang Wook has stolen my freaking heart! I don't usually fangirl over the cast this much. The last time I fell for the actor was Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs, the first k-drama I've ever watched. After that, I only freaked out about how cute the main couple is. Then here comes Healer, where I'm just so heart-eyes over Ji Chang Wook.

Image result for ji chang wook and yoona

Because of him, I'm currently watching The K2 and so far it was all right, but I prefer Healer. The K2 is too much of political stuff which makes it kind of boring for me. But I still love the drama because of how handsome at her as I heard that she has natural beauty with no plastic surgery! Overall, I still enjoy watching The K2. Here are the dramas that I'm going to watch during this school holiday;
• Oh My Venus
• Legend of The Blue Sea
• Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
• Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
• Entourage
• First Kiss for The Seventh Time
• W - Two Worlds

#3 Blogging
For sure, I want to blog my heart out! I still and will always love blogging, insya'Allah. To be honest, I'm afraid that I will be stuck with Korean dramas and abandon my blog. Once I start watching those dramas, I won't even bother to open any other tabs. But hey, I'm trying my best! Like right now, I promised myself not to continue watching The K2 until I finish writing this post. I'm still doing good! I have lots of plans for my blog, and I've also listed all the posts that I'm going to make soon. I'm extremely excited to share more stuff with all of you soon! I believe that every blogger has their dreams and goals for their blog. For now, I'm trying my best to improve my blogging skills and to write better contents. Wish me luck and of course, good luck to all of you too!

#4 Designing My New Room
As I said, I'll be moving house soon which means ... I'm going to have a new room! Yay! I can't wait to design my room. I've listed all the things that I want to get in my room and even drew a picture of how I want them to be set up. I've been surveying things at Lazada and Ikea. Yayyy, once I moved, I'd spend every day designing and building up my room until I'm fully satisfied and happy with it. I've always wanted to design my room by myself. Should I do a room tour post? It would be fun!

#5 Free SPM Workshops
I thought I would take a month of rest this December, but nope, my tuition centre has a month full of free workshops for next year's UPSR, PT3 and SPM candidates. Yes, they are free! If you're living in the Klang Valey area, you must have heard of The Maths Clinic. I've been going there since last year, and I love it! The teachers are excellent and fun to learn with. Plus, Alhamdulillah, my results is getting better too for these past two years. If you're living in KL or Selangor area, don't hesitate to try and learn at The Maths Clinic! The free workshops are open to any students who are taking big exams next year.

#6 Reading and Shopping Books
I have quite a lot of Malay and English novels, and I do have a few that I haven't read yet. I'm waiting for the perfect time to start reading them, which is of course, now! I'm aiming to finish them all before the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2016 starts. I did a post about it when I went to the book sale last year; it was such a heaven! The discounts and the choices of books are crazy! This year's BBW Book Sale is starting in 2 weeks, from 9th December until 19th December. They're open for 254 hours straight. You can even go book shopping there at 3 o'clock in the morning! Ahhh I badly want to go!

Of course, I have lots of other plans for this school holiday, and I can't wait to make them happen. I'm pretty sure each one of you has your plans too, right? I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and whatever you're planning to do, make sure you'd have fun! Happy Holiday, everyone!

What are your plans for this school holiday?

Just Some Random Talking

I want to update my blog, but I swear I don't feel like writing a regular, niche kind of post. I just want to talk. I always have random thoughts or things that I want to share with you guys, but they're just too random. I've been reading lists of blog post ideas, and none of them suits my writing mood right now. So, let's just do some random talking, shall we?

I have a heap of things I want to talk about, mostly are about my personal life. I mean, updating about what's going on in your life currently isn't wrong right?

#1 Giveaways! - It's been years since the last time I've sponsored giveaways. I love sponsoring giveaways because I don't know how to hold one myself. I did my own giveaway once in 2013 but I still prefer sponsoring. So currently, I'm sponsoring two giveaways by CikPurple and Mellya! Go check them out and don't forget to join, there are lots of interesting prizes to win!
- November Giveaway by CP (ongoing)
- End Year Mini Giveaway by Mellya & Friends (ongoing)

#2 Updated my Tumblr Theme - I was scrolling through my Blogger dashboard, and I got so damn bored. I don't feel like writing or even blogwalking, so I decided to go to my other blog which is on Tumblr! I haven't been on Tumblr for a few months, so I decided to change my template. I searched for minimalist Tumblr templates, and I found one by Zen Themes. It's not that perfect, but I love how simple it is. Check out my Tumblr blog HERE!

#3 Current Favourite Songs - I really want to share these songs with you guys! I'm so addicted to these songs right now that I play this playlist at least 3 times a day! Please listen to them if you're free. These are the songs that have been on my favourite playlist currently;
 When We Were Young - Adele
Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5
• 24K Magic - Bruno Mars
• Runnin' - Pharrell
• Starving - Hailee Steinfeld
• Side To Side - Ariana Grande (ft. Nicki Minaj)
• Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

#4 Marvel's Doctor Strange - I was thinking of doing a separate post about this, like a movie review or something. But then I'm just not good at reviewing things ... too bad. So I'll just talk about this film here. Yes, I watched Marvel's Doctor Strange two weeks ago. It was okay, kind of nonsense. I love Marvel Movies so much, and I couldn't even miss one. So far, this is the ridiculous one that I've ever watched after Guardians of the Galaxy. Don't get me wrong; I still enjoyed it! Overall, I gave it 7.5/10. The ratings are 8/10 IMDb, 90% Rotten Tomatoes and 4/5 Common Sense Media.

#5 I still have school? - The SPM is currently ongoing; the other forms get lots of school holidays. The form 4 students only have two days of school per week for this month. Some of my classmates have already started their school holidays. Me? I still go to school. The whole class was just playing. We played Uno Cards, Tumblin' Monkeys and Saidina. I mean, it's not that bad. At least we get to play with our friends and bring our handphones. Maybe staying home is better, but I just feel like going to school. Weird? Probably.

#6 My Final Exam results - Okay, to be honest, I still go to school mainly because I want to get my final exam results. I know, we can obviously check our results online at the SAPS website, but I want to get the papers. I want to study my mistakes and ask teachers about them (and maybe getting extra marks for the correct points that the teachers have accidently missed). Alhamdulillah, I did achieve my target for each subject (except for English because of the Writer's Block I had during the exam, I've talked about it here). So far, I'm satisfied with my results. There are three papers left that we haven't got. So, I guess I'm still going to school next week then?

#7 Going on a vacation! - As I said, I will only have school on Monday and Wednesday every week in this month, so my mom decided to bring me (and my brothers) on holiday! My brothers still have school every weekday, but I don't want to be alone, so my mom agreed to let them join. This holiday is mainly because of my mom who's having lots of meetings and press conferences at hotels lately, so she wants us to company her at the hotel. We're going to Port Dickson and Kuantan! Yayyyy! I'll be back in KL on Sunday.

#8 Craving for sushi - Who doesn't like sushi? I mean, of course, some people don't. For me, sushi is life. I loved sushi so much that I even planned to get a part-time job at Sushi King after SPM next year. I had sushi like only two weeks ago, but I just can't get enough of it! Believe me or not, I even listed all the sushi names that I want to get at Sushi King with the actual prices. Aaahh this is just because of the time of the month I guess, I'm just craving too much!

These are just my random thoughts that I want to share with you guys. I enjoy writing this kind of post! Maybe I should do some kind of series of posts like this? Where I just talk about random things that are happening in life. Would it be interesting?

Do share some random thoughts you have in the comment section down below! 

How I Overcome Writer's Block

Writer's Block is a universal struggle that everyone experiences. Not only journalists, bloggers, or novelists, anyone can face this horrible moment. As a blogger, of course, I had lots of Writer's Block moments (every time, tbh) and it's not the best feeling. You know what my worst moment of this condition is? Not as a blogger, but as a student.

A throwback to my final exam, I had Writer's Block during English Paper 1 in Section B, where we have to choose one out of five essay questions and this section has a total of 100 marks. That time, for a moment, I felt so stupid. I can't even think of any ideas for each question, and I was staring at that page for like 20 minutes. I began writing 30 minutes after the exam started. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish my essay for that section. My script was really short. My English teacher said we have to write at least 2 and a half pages for that section and I only got to finish one full page.

After that paper, I was sooooo frustrated. I wanted to cry as I know how many marks I'm going to lose out of that 100 freaking marks. I felt so down and kind of lost my spirit for the next paper. Thank God I have my friends who calmed me down by convincing me to think positive. Alhamdulillah, English Paper 2 was all right. We haven't got our English marks for the final exam yet. From that moment until now, I'm still scared. Usually, I would worry about my Science subjects scores the most, but not this time. Overall, that was the worst Writer's Block I've ever had.

Okay so, back to the topic. I get Writer's Block every time I'm writing a blog post, I swear. I usually start writing a post at like 4 pm and finished the whole thing at about 9pm. I can't write an entire  post straight at one time because of Writer's Block. I will take some breaks between that 5 hours. I do things to overcome this situation. How?

1. Read Other Blogs
Whenever I don't know what to write, I would do some blogwalk to get inspirations from other blogs. It's not like you're copying other people's work, you'll just get some ideas to continue and improve yours. Reading can improve your vocabulary. So, whenever you don't know how to continue your sentences, reading other blogs and learning new words should solve the problem.

2. Watch YouTube Videos
Other than reading, I also do some listening by watching YouTube videos! You know, being a blogger and a YouTuber can be the same sometimes. Bloggers express their words through typing on the keyboard and Youtubers express theirs through talking in front of the camera. Watching videos on YouTube can improve your vocabulary too, it will also give you some ideas to write.

3. Play with My Cats
I know this is weird, but it works for me. You can't write in an unstable mood, right? Whenever I start to feel bored or disinterested, I would get off my chair and play with my cats for a while. My cats are one of my main source of happiness. Just by seeing and hugging them really boost up my mood every time. You need a good mood to write a good content. So, do something that makes you happy!

4. Go on Buzzfeed
BuzzFeed is an online media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world. The point here is similar to number 1, it's about reading. Buzzfeed is more to reading news and stories from around the world. They also have fun quizzes and videos you can do and watch! This will not only improve your language, but also cheer up your mood.

5. Take a nap
Getting some rest is important. Have you ever got to those times when you feel so tired and sleepy when you're writing a blog post? Whenever I start to feel it, I would just jump on my bed and get a good 30-minute nap. Your brain needs some rest to work well. So, take a short nap and believe me, you'll feel much fresher and energised to continue your writing!

These are some of the ways on how I beat Writer's Block. I hope these things would give you some tips and tricks whenever you get to this dreadful situation. Let us all bury this plight and write our heart out for our readers! Oh and about my cats and Youtubers that I watch, I will do some other posts about them soon!

What are your ways to overcome Writer's Block? Share them in the comment section down below!

P.s; I had Writer's Block when I was writing this post. *irony*

What I Really Want To Be

Am I the only one at my age who doesn't have a main ambition yet? Most of my friends can already see their future as doctors, engineers, accountants and lawyers. Most of them already have ambition. I don't. I don't know what I want to be.

I think about this almost every day. I ask opinions from my parents and friends a lot. Is it too early for me to think about my future? I mean, my mom always says,

Takyah fikir lagi. Belajar je rajin-rajin dulu sampai lulus SPM, lepas tu baru fikir.

Well, she has a point. Maybe I shouldn't be that worried yet. Let's just study smart and get good results first, and then think about the future ... right?

At first, I wanted to be a doctor just like my parents. Everyone (especially my aunts and cousins) always ask me whether I want to follow my parents' footsteps of not. Yes, of course, I want to but guess what? My mom won't let me. I mean, she said that there are already too many doctors in Malaysia. So many that some of them waited for so long to get a job. It's not that she don't let me be one, she was just advising. So, I decided not to be a doctor.

I also took a bunch of Online Free Career Tests here, here, here and here. You can try them; they're great and completely free. Most of my results are not related to science at all. More to business stuff. I don't know about this as I don't like these accounts and economy stuff. If you read this post of mine, I enjoy learning science. It is the stream I wanted when I was still in lower secondary form. But to be honest, I don't think I will continue with science in my future. I love learning it but maybe not for my career.

I tried to list the things that I like and interested in. You know what? I love baking, photography, and writing. I've mentioned all of these on my about me page, but here, I'll go in depth about them. So, here are the things that I might want to be in the future.

1. Photographer
This is the only thing that I'm sure of. I want to be a photographer. I need to be a photographer. This has been my dream since I was a kid. My dad's hobby is taking photos. He's not a photographer, but he has a DSLR and other few cameras. He has many sizes of lenses. He collects lots of books and magazines related to photography. He makes me want to be a photographer so bad. I also love looking and admiring amazing photos, and I've always wanted to take pictures like those. I don't know what I'll be soon, but I will make this happen. Whether as my primary or part-time job. Having a photography studio would be great! At least a mini one, with studio lighting and different backgrounds. Aahhh I want this to happen!

2. Pastry Chef or Business Woman
As I said on my about page, I want to launch my cafe. Cafes are beautiful. I love how people go there to do work, chill, date and others there, the coffee aroma you'll smell every time you enter a cafe and how quiet the place can sometimes be. I LOVE IT. I want to be a business woman with my cafe or at least a pastry chef at a cafe. I've been dreaming of having a cafe with books, like a library + cafe. Omg! Wouldn't it be cool to read novels or magazine with a cup of hot coffee? I would design the cafe as beautiful and hipster as I can. I talked about this with one of my friends (who also don't have any ambitions yet), and we planned this together! I don't know if it would happen but hey if it does, don't forget to visit my cafe okay?

3. Writer
I enjoy writing since I was little. For your information, I wrote a novel once! I was 11 that time, and I loved reading books so much. I used these brown exercise books every school had and wrote a novel about my friends and me and I finished 3 of the exercise books. I had my family, and my classmates read them, and they enjoyed it. My dad asked me to type it up, but I didn't want to. So, where do I express my love towards writing? Here. This blog. That's why I enjoy blogging since 2012. One thing that I've always dreamed of is to have my novel. I will try to write a novel (probably in Malay) and send it to a publishing company. I want to make this happen, and I want to have at least one novel written by me before I die. Insya'Allah.

Based on all my interests, these are the careers I'm interested in. I would love to have at least one of these jobs as a part-time job. Leading career? I don't know. I still can't figure out any. Recently, I've been Googling about engineers. Yes, it is a science-related career but hey, why not? Aaahhh I DON'T KNOW. For now, I just need to focus on my school studies and of course, SPM.

Speaking about SPM,

Whatever you're doing in your life, do your best. I wish everyone a splendid luck and no matter how hard your life is going currently, do not give up and remember, Allah had planned the best for each one of us!

Korean Dramas That I Have Watched

Korean Dramas are fantastic! If you have never watched any k-dramas in your whole life, I suggest you try at least once. I like watching k-dramas, but I'm not that fanatic, tbh. I mean, I've looked at a few, and I love all of them.

Some of my friends are very, very obsessed. They talk about k-dramas every day in class. Every single day. They watched like 3 or 4 dramas at one time. I can't (I don't know why). If I'm watching this one drama, I have to finish it until the last episode before watching another new drama. I'd be quite confused if I watched lots of dramas at once.

These are the Korea dramas I've watched. They're not that many ... but I feel like sharing them because they're so good!

1. The Heirs

This is the first k-drama I've ever watched! I was in Form 1 that time. The series follows a group of wealthy, privileged, and elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families' business empires. These wealthy students seem to have everything under control, except their love lives. It's a beautiful story of people who are caught up in the web of familial responsibilities and as teenagers, how they manage to get on with life despite the obstacles they meet every step of the way. Kim Tan and Eun-Sang are so cute together! The casts are Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye, and Kim Woo-Bin (all my faves).

2. Pinocchio

I watched this drama because of Park Shin-Hye as I like her acting in The Heirs! This series centres around young adults getting their first jobs as broadcast news reporters. Choi In-Ha has a fictional "Pinocchio syndrome," where she can't tell a lie without hiccupping, and Choi Dal-Po is her fake adopted uncle. It's not as weird as it sounds. They grow up together and face the challenges of investigative journalism as rivals for different stations, forging friendships and finding love along the way. I wanted to be a reporter so bad because of this drama! The storyline is great. The casts are Lee Jong-Suk and Park Shin-Hye.

3. Remember: War of the Son

This is my favourite out of all. It's more about family life than love life. Seo Jin-Woo has the condition of Hyperthymesia which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. To prove the innocence of his father, Jin-Woo becomes a lawyer. He struggles to prove his dad's innocence, but he begins to lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s. Remember is so real and intense. This is a must-watch! If I have to recommend one out of all these dramas I've watched, I would recommend this one. The casts are Yoo Seung-Ho, Park Min-Young, Park Sung-Woong and Namgung Min.

4. Doctors

Again, there is Park Shin-Hye in this drama, so why not? Yoo Hye-Jung was a wayward girl in high school with a prickly, gangster personality. Due to her many childhood scars, Hye-Jung keeps her heart closed towards other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji-Hong, who plays a pivotal role in transforming her life from a "hopeless" delinquent to a compassionate doctor. I love this drama so much! The scenes are so real, especially the operation scenes. Plus, Hong Ji-Hong and Yoo Hye-Jung looks so good together! The casts are Kim Rae-Won, Park Shin-Hye, Lee Sung-Kyung and Yoon Gyun-Sang.

5. She Was Pretty

Yes, I was late because this drama was released last year. It's a romantic comedy about two past acquaintances who meet again after they've gone through a reversal of fortunes and appearances, set in the backdrop of a fashion magazine's publishing office. Kim Hye-Jin was a beautiful girl from a wealthy family. After her family's publishing company had gone bankrupt, she experienced hardships then lost her beauty too. Ji Sung-Joon was an unattractive boy with low self-esteem but grows up as a handsome and fruitful editor. Everything about this drama is sooooo cute, I swear! The casts are Hwang Jung-Eum and Park Seo-Joon.

Korean dramas are great, and they're different than other dramas. What I love about k-dramas is that each of them has this one particular occupation they're about. For example, Pinocchio is about reporters. Remember is about lawyers. Doctors is of course about doctors. These kinds of dramas made me want to be those occupations. I remember how I badly wanted to be a reporter because of Pinocchio. Plus, not just moral values but these kinds of k-dramas also gives the viewers some knowledge about the occupations. Like Doctors, they gave the meanings of the medical terms they use in the drama. Oh, I just love how different k-dramas are!

I haven't watch that much, don't judge me. I've bookmarked lots of k-dramas I want to watch, and I just need to find some time, which is, of course, school holidays! We're starting to have school holidays next week as SPM is starting. More k-dramas, here I come!

I watch online k-dramas here. Oh and btw, this is the next drama I'm going to watch;


Synopsis: Kim Moon-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae) is a popular reporter at major broadcasting company. One day, he learns the truth of a case that took place in the past. He intentionally approaches people who are related to the case and helps them. While doing so, he agonises over the truth and beliefs. Meanwhile, with the support of Kim Moon-Ho, internet reporter Chae Young-Shin (Park Min-Young) and Seo Jung-Hoo (Ji Chang-Wook), known as "Healer," grow into real reporters.

Ahhh, can't wait to start! I actually can start watching Healer now as final exams are over and I'm on my computer every day, but I was just too busy blogging ... like now. Whatever it is, I'm so excited!

Do you have any Korean drama recommendations? Please leave a comment down below telling me what dramas should I watch next!

Source: AsianWiki 💕

10 Free Stock Photos Websites

I use lots of stock photos on my blog. If you read this page, I did mention top 3 websites where I get stock photos from. I got them from lots of sites, and I would like to share them with you guys!

Using stock photos is a great way to spice up your blog. The stock photos from these websites are free to download. A few of these websites require you to sign up. Don't worry, they are easy to use and download!    PikWizard    Unsplash  •  MMT    Pexels    Stock Up  •  iStock  •  PicJumbo    Pixabay    Makerbook

How do I use them?
There is a search bar on most of these websites. If I want to find pictures for my blog post, I will search something linked to it. For example, this post. This post is related to photos and images, right? So, I will search something like 'camera' or 'photography'. I'll choose one or two and download them. Then, I'll add them to my blog post! If the website does not have any search bar, there are tags where you can look up to.

+  Please read the license of each website before using the photos!

There are lots of other stock photos websites out there, and these are just my top 10. I hope this post would be useful for you guys! Do check these sites out, their photos are phenomenal!

New Month, New Look!

It's November! I'm so happy yet so nervous. My mom's birthday is in 2 days. I have lots of plans for the upcoming school holiday; I'll be making a separate post about that. I'm also going to be moving house soon! I'm so excited to have my own, self-decorated room finally.

Then why am I nervous? I'm still waiting for my final exam results, and I'm seriously going to be a senior next year. Time just flies so damn fast, and I can't believe 2016 is ending in  2 months from now.

Whatever it is, happy new month!

And, for my blog ... as you guys can see, I changed my template! Yay!

I've been looking and surveying templates on Etsy for a while. There are lots of beautiful templates and I want to buy one, but my mom won't let me spend money just for my blog. So, I decided to join Erin Azmir's template giveaway and alhamdulillah, I won!

My previous template was Rosemary by ThemeXpose. I used it for not even a month until I switched to this one. This is the Brooklyn Blogger Template by SandyTheme. It's a pre-made responsive template and very easy to edit, way easier than free versions of the responsive template.

I'm not done editing yet; there are still a few changes I need to make. Overall, I'm so happy and excited! Having a new template makes me want to blog even more. I can't wait to blog my heart out during this school holiday! Huge thanks to Erin for giving away this template :)

By the way, I'll be having a short vacation with my friends today. Just for two days and one night. I will update about our trip as soon as I got home tomorrow, insya'Allah.
Every new month is like a fresh piece of paper, and only you decide what will be written on it. Wishing you all the best!