I had the PT3 exam last year. I didn't get what I targeted, but alhamdulillah my results were just fine. Moving on to Form 4, I got into the pure science class. Almost a year has passed, I'm reaching the end of my Form 4 life.

The pure science stream is as hard as it sounds. Now, let me just rant about the elective subjects I'm taking based on my almost one year experience learning these topics.

I love learning this subject. Biology is all about living things such as humans, animals and plants, which for me are kind of interesting. It's like we're learning about ourselves, about how we become from a tiny cell to us right now, about what happen in our body when we breathe, eat, and others. Animals are not that bad too, especially when we got to dissect a frog. That time, for a moment, I wanted to be a doctor. It was a very fun experience! I'm just not that interested when it comes to plants. Overall, it's no big deal. Yes, it requires a lot of memorising facts and unusual scientific words, but it wouldn't be that hard if you understand the topics.

Physics is hard, but to be honest, it is my favourite out of all three science subjects. Why? Physics is all about the things that happen around us. It's even more impressive and mind-blowing that Biology. We got to know how the balloon filled with helium flies up, how we can see ourselves in the mirror, how a simple thermometer can detect our body temperature, how our body jerked forward when our car suddenly stops, how we feel the changes in our body weight when we're in the elevator, and so much more. This subject is very fun to learn. It just requires lots of formulas and calculation. You just need to do lots of practices.

I like learning Chemistry, but honestly, this is the hardest one for me. Chemistry requires memorising and calculating. Plus, for this subject, I just couldn't find the point. Unlike Biology and Physics where we learn about living things and our surroundings, Chemistry is just ... why? I don't care what the most reactive ion is or how salt is made. Yes, it is important, but I don't know why I just couldn't be bothered. It might be interesting for people who are really into science, but not me. No offence for students who like Chemistry, it's very great and lucky for you if you like it. Please know that I'm so jealous of you! I just wish I like and good at it too as this subject is the most important one out of all the three science subjects.

Additional Mathematics
As what everyone says, Additional Mathematics is hard. But I like it more than the Modern Mathematics. Add Maths is the real maths. I'm studying with an excellent and one of the best Add Maths teachers in Malaysia, she was the Ketua Penanda SPM in Malaysia on this subject, I'm not sure if she still is. I feel very honoured to get to learn Add Maths with her. Add maths is still hard, no kidding, but she made it easier and simpler for the students. She explains the steps one by one which makes us understand even more. She made me like Add Maths. For this subject, you have to do a lot, like really lots of practices and exercises.

I guess that's it. For the other subjects, alhamdulillah, they are all fine. There are still a lot of things that I need to improve and adapt, especially Chemistry.

Form 4 is hard. It's even more difficult than Form 5. Why? Because this is the year when you will have to adapt lots of new things and subjects. You have to master the Form 4 topics to get an easier Form 5 life. Why? Because in Form 4, you will be learning all the basic stuff about the subjects you're taking as a preparation for Form 5 topics. If you don't take your Form 4 year seriously and take it as a honeymoon year, your Form 5 year will be ten times harder.

For the Form 3 students this year, find the best stream for you. Find something that you like and interested in, something that you're able to carry. Be focused on class and ace the Form 4 topics! Remember, you need that basic stuff in Form 5 soon.

Overall, I truly enjoy being a science stream student.