Hello, it's me. I have been gone for a few months, sorry. 

My blog is currently a mess right now, I know. Especially the sidebar widgets. There's a reason why.

Just want to say that I'm currently in the process of editing a new template. I will change everything again. Including my URL. I might also delete all my posts, not sure about that yet.

It's my exam week, final exam. And here I am, blogging. I love editing my blog; I swear it's just so addicting. I really should stop for a while.

Whatever it is, I will be back as soon as my finals are over. I will change and start everything over again. I still love blogging, and it's been almost five years now, and I want to keep up with this blog.

Insya'Allah, I'll be back in November. Can't wait to start blogging again!
Wish me a stroke of luck for my finals. Insya'Allah. Thank you so much!

See all of you soon!